that’s right. I AM the Pumpkin King!

Yesterday morning (my comp day since I’m working this weekend) I cleaned up a bit and swept the entire backyard free of leaves, and then sat on my chaise and spent 30 minutes reading, enjoying the amazing weather, and petting Sophie. This is the absolute pinnacle of luxury to me. Then I ran some errands, including taking my birthday gift card to spend at H&M. Ended up buying mostly baby clothes! But it’s hard to resist when they all have cats on them. Back at home, I did more chores, then picked up Morella and took her to the pumpkin patch. She picked her own tiny “puh” and carried it around with her. She tried to destroy all the mums. She enjoyed the hayride, and was also a little confused by it. She said “cheeeeese” when prompted for the camera. Continue reading