this side of paradise.

I’m attending a 1920s-themed New Year’s Eve party this year.  As always, my problem is not that I can’t find inspiration, but that I’ve found TOO MUCH inspiration.  This is always happening to me.  I think it’s a good problem to have.

Probably my third most favorite thing about the 1920s is that it was a period of transition.  The main image that people have in their heads of the 1920s is that of the flapper, and that certainly existed and had a huge impact, but in reality there were tons of different styles being worn by many different people.  It’s not a flat decade of sameness, but a free, unpredictable decade of diverse looks.

My first and second most favorite things about the 1920s are, of course, F. Scott Fitzgerald and T. S. Eliot.

Below, some images I’ve been pondering.


in a sea of grays and blues.

Just had a conversation with my friend Mara this weekend about how I only do cool colors, and that’s particularly apparent in this collection of images I’ve been saving.

by Marchorowitz, via Frecklewonder.


from Brocade Design.


from Papercut Mag via Modish.


by Johnny Miller via Seesaw.


Dita Von Teese in the most stunning dress.


from Oh Joy!

by Chloe Crespi, via Haute Macabre.


of plush and porcelain.

I’ve been saving up lots of pretty things for you, my dear readers.  Enjoy.

Porcelain-themed wallpaper via Poppytalk.

Garden at Versailles, via Apartment Therapy.

From a Design is Mine post about good lighting. Ahhh, good lighting. Even a modern room looks lovely in good lighting (and of course a little distressed look on the walls helps as well).

Because you know I can’t get enough of line drawings. From Wisteria, via Poppytalk.

Via Design is Mine. I think bright pink works when used sparingly. It even manages to look relaxing. I can definitely see myself curling up on that couch with a book for, oh, about a week.

I love this weird shade of purple like I love matte walls. Via Apartment Therapy.

Old charts from a German book, from Valeriana Solaris, via Pink of Perfection.

May Luk Ceramics via Decor8.

A beverage dispenser is definitely what my parties need. From Pottery Barn, via Apartment Therapy.

No big, just Historical Female Scientist Wallpaper (!!!!!!!). From Katie Deedy, via Switch.

Yeah, I need these. Via Shelterrific.

home & garden.

Where my thoughts have been lately…

Party and decoration on the brain.

The marriage of math and gardening? What a good eye this artist has.

All this scene needs are some women in Edwardian mourning.


Clearly this patio umbrella is for me.


A little entertaining inspiration for my cupcakes this week...

Astute, though I wouldn't say it replaces the old adage.

Breakfast nooks win.

Perfect little garden markers.

I'd like to go to the beach, please.