liveable hatred.

It’s amazing how weather isn’t as big of a deal to me as it used to be.  I still like warm weather best, but years ago I used to live in a cocoon of doom during the winter months.  These days, even if several dreary days go by in a row, it doesn’t affect me half as much as it used to.  Today I woke up and even though I have a very long to-do list and it’s doomsday gray outside, I’ve been tripping around the house as happy as a little sparrow.  Wii Fit helps; it’s nice that I don’t have to ditch my workout just because of some rain.  The cats are perplexed by it, though.

Speaking of sparrows, one snuck into my parents’ house last night just as we entered.  Apparently it happened the night before, too.  It’s because the birds love the wreaths that mom painstakingly makes and puts on the front door.  They chill in the wreath having some pomegranate or whatever, and when you open the door, they fly in.  So we armed ourselves with brooms and such, opened up all the windows, and chased the poor thing out.  It’s crazy how reluctant the bird was to just fly out the window.  Didn’t he know that these people holding implements of destruction and waving their arms wildly just wanted what was best for him?


Whisperings of love keep popping up lately, and of course we’re not only planning the wedding, but also thinking more about what it means to get married.  I love how much fun Dan and I have together, and I love that he’s always down for adventuring around VA.  But some days, I’m just as happy to put on a DVD and sit next to him on the couch.  Last night while we were watching Metalocalypse I was flipping through Amphigorey and Dan was flipping through a book about amps.  Every once in a while, one of our arms would curl around the other person and pull them close, and we’d smile and sit like that for a minute until it made reading obtrusive.  We win the vomit-worthy cuteness award, for certain.

Last night we watched an episode of Metalocalypse entitled “Deth Wedding,” in which Pickles’ brother gets married and wants the band to play his wedding.  The world leaders who are watching Dethklok bring in a marriage specialist, who says:

“Gentlemen, the American wedding is a dark and fearful sham. The event itself is designed to incite anger and drain loved ones of patience, support and money. Most marriages fail miserably within two years; others end in murder-suicides, and a small percentage of them end with what we like to call ‘liveable hatred.'”

I said “I can’t wait to be locked in liveable hatred with you, darling,” and we cracked up.

But seriously, the reason why this type of commentary from a cartoon is funny is because it’s mostly true.  American weddings do indeed seem to be a giant, Crate and Barrel-fueled conspiracy.  Everybody knows that a lot of people put more effort into “the big day” than they do into the institution itself.  I have a hard time ever having faith in other humans, and it’s with good reason.  But in this case, I’m kind of glad because it gives me the advantage of considering everything from a skeptic’s viewpoint, and maybe being just a little more prepared and less predisposed to big shocks and nervous fits and such.  As a friend remarked to me recently during a conversation about marriage and kids and grown-ups, “the fact that you are even thinking about this stuff tells me that you’ll be okay.”

And in spite of being surrounded at all times by bad examples and human nature and all of those messy things, I’m often reminded that the very trendy, oh-so-modern “all marriage is horrible and will end in carnage” outlook isn’t necessarily the final word on the subject.

  • All the stories of successful, loving relationships on Storycorps’ podcast make me weep in appreciation when I hear them.  “That first night I fell in love with her, and I’ve been in love with her ever since.”  “We’ve been married 67 years, and the main happiness we have is our love for each other.”  “And I’ve never once regretted a three-day courtship.”  Their stories are inspiring to say the least.
  • And science always has it put in its two cents as well.  Apparently, “true love” is possible.
  • And we know from the end of the Metalocalypse episode that Seth at least survives to have his first baby.  Yikes!
  • [Edit 1.8.09] This just in: IN TEH FUTURZ, we could make ourselves stay in love.  Amazing!

We start pre-marriage counseling in March, and I’m excited.

I have lots of links, but not enough time to blog them.  There is much hot-gluing to do before the end of the day.

excellent reception

Alright, I couldn’t hold off any longer. I had to blog about LOLMETAL.

Originally, I was sent this link, which doesn’t work anymore — because LOLMETAL was so popular, it crashed the guy’s site. But there are still a few other places where you can see examples of what was there.

Note: you will not get the joke unless you’ve been here.