golden years.

Not that all those snowy, cold days curled up with a movie weren’t fun, but I think we’re both relieved that it’s warmed up and we’re able to spend lots of time outside. The first day we were really able to go to the park again and Morella could just run around, she spent the entire time waving her arms around and squealing. I love our after-work walks and how it’s gradually changed from me pulling her along gently, to her tugging me along yelling “Come ON, Mommy!” Continue reading

blonde christmas.

The past several weeks have been a scramble, what with redecorating the entire house, getting ready for work visitors to come down, and getting all the Christmas to-dos out of the way (cards, gifts ordered and wrapped, white elephant things, etc. etc.). I’m glad I did scramble though, because now that the holiday parties have begun and it’s time to catch up with people, I’m truly enjoying it and feeling more present than I probably would if I were all flustered. Continue reading