a barbaric yawp of sorts.

Long time no post. The fall / holiday / winter rush got ahead of me this year, and as always blogging and picture editing are the first things to get cut when things are too crazy. But the past couple of weeks have been amazing. The slowdown of life that always seems to happen in January has been so welcome to me, and so restful. Things that were laid aside for so long are able to get completed, and all’s right with the world again. Continue reading

all sweat and popsicles.

When riding the teacups with Morella recently I watched her laughing and “woo!”-ing and thought this is the best moment of my life so far. Her curls blowing in the hot breeze, her laughter rising over the laughter of other kids around us. Her little face alight, taking in all the sights and sounds around her. Both of us in exactly the place we’d rather be, more than anywhere in the world. Continue reading