blonde christmas.

The past several weeks have been a scramble, what with redecorating the entire house, getting ready for work visitors to come down, and getting all the Christmas to-dos out of the way (cards, gifts ordered and wrapped, white elephant things, etc. etc.). I’m glad I did scramble though, because now that the holiday parties have begun and it’s time to catch up with people, I’m truly enjoying it and feeling more present than I probably would if I were all flustered. Continue reading

the bee’s knees.

Halloween was good this year. Morella wore her little Batman dress to school. I figured it would be more comfortable than wearing her scratchy costume all day. She looked adorable.

When she got home, I put her in her bumblebee costume and we went out trick-or-treating with her Gram and Grandpa. She was really into carrying her pink pumpkin bucket, and wouldn’t let anyone pry it out of her clutches the entire time.

We went by Dutch & Co. and saw Harper and Heather outside, as well as some other folks. The restaurant had all kinds of terrifying ghouls peering out from it. Diana was wearing a creepy mask and Morella was just staring at her in horror. After that she was kind of on mask-alert, and was afraid to go up to most porches to get candy. When we got home though, she was happy to eat a few M&Ms and play with her grandparents until bedtime.


As usual, the Flowers family killed it in the family costume department.

After Morella went to bed, my parents hung around for a while, and then I continued sitting on the front porch handing out handy until around 9pm. At some point Harmony, the little girl I used to tutor through CHAT, came by trick-or-treating. It was such a pleasant surprise, and really made my night. I just heard her little voice pipe up out of a group of kids crowding around me — “You make me so sad!” She misses me. We hugged and I asked her if she has read all the Harry Potter books now, and she said yes. That made me proud. I do miss tutoring sometimes, but I just can’t do it right now because of the baby. Maybe I will get back into it later.