pirate crossword.

This is me valiantly trying to update more often. 🙂 Yesterday was a nice day off. I was pretty tired from a long day of work on Saturday and then a pretty sluggish (for some reason) Sunday. But I started the day with a cardio/strength workout, took care of a bunch of to-dos online (including updating some of my Foursquare lists to include more places I want to go — read: historical sites), took a walk around Chimborazo and did some stair-stepping, and raked the entire backyard. Then I went to CHAT and tried to keep Harmony focused on reading, succeeded for a very little while, and then watched her do her math work via the interactive site her class uses. Back at home, I did a little sewing project — just turning an old t-shirt into a tiny dress for the baby. It’s pretty cute, no? Then I made some mac n’ cheese for Dan and I and we watched a couple of episodes of The Office from like two years ago because we’re way, way behind.

of parties and purple.

The big surprise party for Hugel, which Kelsey and Virginia have been orchestrating for months, finally took place this weekend.  Was he surprised?  Heck yes.  Did Julia and I win at badminton?  Also heck yes.  It was a leisurely afternoon, spent catching up with lots of people and just enjoying a big backyard.

Later we went to Beth’s birthday costume party, dressed as song titles.  This was a great idea.  I think everybody there had a good time trying to guess which songs people had dressed up as.  I went as “Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me,” which nobody got.  Come on, it’s not that obscure.  Dan went as “Cornflake Girl,” which was a bit more recognizable.  Met several new people there, talked too much, walked home with a blue Jello shooter in my hand.

I accomplished several things this weekend, the most tangible of those things being the shoe clips I made.  I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but haven’t had two seconds to do it.  I’m really excited about the prospect of making these and selling them for Always Midnight, and I love that they’re removable and can be clipped onto most shoes, or into your hair.  Double duty!  And since I don’t have much of a shoe budget, I like that switching them out can be a way to make old, boring shoes look new.


I’ve long been obsessed with optical toys, and last year when the time came to choose wedding favors, it seemed natural to make some thaumatropes.   We had a blast putting them together, and I was mega happy with how they turned out.  I finally got around to photographing them, now that we have a decent camera.

We have several thaumatropes left over, so let us know if you want one!  Even for out-of-town friends, I’d be happy to send you one.

We also had favors for those who prefer the edible type, thanks to my dear Granny.  She made some “roses” out of Hershey kisses and florist’s supplies, but they were gobbled up before I ever had a chance to photograph them.  She also put together these little sacks of Jordan almonds.  Delicious.

Always Midnight spring shop update.

With lots of help from photographer Phil Bowne and models Brandi and Candace, I’ve been able to post many new items in the Always Midnight shop.  I’ve introduced a new collection called “Diary of a Bride” which includes things I’ve designed specifically with brides and bridesmaids in mind.  I’m so glad to see all of my work placed snugly in the shop.


And friends — feel free to speak to me about the friends and family discount!

making do.

Lovely "Singer Print" by Clare Owen, via Design Is Mine.

I feel like a new person now that my holiday craft show preparations are over, because I went from planning the wedding to going on the honeymoon to crafting my head off, without a break.  And now I can do other things!  And the days stretch out beautifully before me.  Happiness is a clear(ish) calendar.

Things from the Richmond Handmade Holiday craft show:

Seen — A girl carrying a rabbit around in the hood of her hoodie.

Overheard –A conversation between a father and his tween daughter:

Dad: I just want you to get off it and stay off it! [I think he meant her cell phone]
Tween: Well what am I supposed to do….LOOK AROUND or something?
Dad: Yes!

Accepted — A compliment from an older lady:

Her: “I dressed up as you for Halloween!”
Me: [long silence]
Her: “I was a goth!”
Me: “Thank you!”

Traded my wares for —

Prints by Erica Vess of Bee’s Knees Studio.

A glass nugget from Jackie Mancini of Pretty Silly Things.

Bookplates and a mini letterpress wallhanging from Aijung Kim of Sprout Head.

And while we’re on the subject of her, I’ve been kind of obsessed with her “Inverness” poem lately.

It was by FAR the best craft show I’ve ever bothered with.

In other news, two tidbits:

Aaaand a little something else pretty, for good measure:

Talk about a garment with great motion.