“everything’s so in-your-face here”

Last night I went to a show at the Temple of Doom again.  I chuckled to myself as I passed through the kitchen, thinking about how last time I was there one of the residents said that no, they did not have any dishes or cups, because he got rid of them.  “What do you mean ‘got rid of them?'” I asked.  “No one was washing their dishes, so I gathered them up and put them in a pile in the backyard and burned them.”  Epic.

The band we went to see last night was Tera Melos, some friends of Dan’s from California.  They were really amazing, in a deedly-but-not-too-deedly sort of way.  Ahem, Dillinger.  Take note.  They gave Dan a 7″ of covers they did, and one of them is the theme song from Pete & Pete, and I am very excited to listen to it.  I said “Hey, you should shoot the video to it,” and he said “We did!”  And lo and behold, here it is.  Genius.

We were talking about differences between the west and east coasts, and one of the Tera Melos guys was saying (about the east coast) how easy it is to hit a ton of cities within a short distance on tour, and how there are beautiful buildings everywhere.  He said “Everything is just so in-your-face here.”  I laughed and said “Why?  Just because everything here isn’t beige?”

After their set, I was sitting in the backyard and some kid was trying to give away demos for his band.  “Who wants a terrible demo?!” he kept shouting.  There you go kid, reverse psychology.  They’ll never know what hit them!

We were talking about how it had gotten so hot and sweaty and smoky in the basement while the show was going on, and Brendan said “I looked up at the ceiling and thought, ‘this place is actually decaying right before our eyes!'”  Indeed.  It was a good night and as we walked home I rejoiced at doing my civic duty: helping to keep Grace Street crumbly and in squalor by attending a house show there.

the resolute urgency of now.

This week has included some wonderful things, including:

  • Watching my new Twilight DVD with Dan, who was kind enough to surprise me with it upon returning from tour (side note: why did I not realize until today when I heard it on a podcast that Kristen Stewart is ROD STEWART’S DAUGHTER? — side note to the side note: I guess we can’t be expected to keep up with all of Rod Stewart’s various offspring — [edit 4.11.09]: Podcast schmodcast.  I didn’t know she was Rod Stewart’s offspring, because…she’s not!  So it makes sense that I’m way behind on news that doesn’t exist.  Hearty thanks to The Checkout Girl for correcting!  Also, “side note to the side note” still holds true.)
  • Marriage counseling, illuminating as always
  • Getting way too epic on Thursday night
  • Spending all day yesterday being a vegetable with Dan, watching lots of movies and recovering from our various illnesses

Thursday night was indeed fantastic though.  My friend Melanie came over and we talked and drank some wine, and then headed over to a house show on Grace to see The Blue Letter.  I think it was one of their best shows in a while, at least for me.  Sound quality can only be but so good in some basement, but I’ve been excited to hear their cover of the Smashing Pumpkins’ “Tonight, Tonight,” and it was amazing.  The music was great, but another highlight of the evening was asking a kid who lived there if we could borrow some cups, and having him explain to us that he got rid of all his dishes because nobody ever washed them.  So he just took them out in the backyard and burned them (into a heap of charred plastic, I expect).  Oh, Hell Block.  You’ve still got it after all these years.


Last night a good friend of mine from high school, Anthony Vincent, was in town.  We were really close around 9th and 10th grade, and then he moved to Ohio and we mostly lost touch.  I saw him again around 1998 when he was briefly in town, so I guess it’s been 10 years since I last saw him.  He does music of the noise persuasion now, and he and his girlfriend were in town for a show.  It was great hanging out with him; it made me remember why we were such fast friends in the first place.  We rolled to the Church of Crystal Light, a great new space in town, and watched several noise acts with those type of “weird for the sake of being weird” kids that make this college town so great.  I have a lot of stories from that show…the robot-dancy man, the drunk punk rock man, the “look at me!” girl…but I’ll let the story tell the pictures for now.  Ask me to do impressions next time we’re out.

TmfBL in RVA

Well, the first Blue Letter show in Richmond came and went and was amazing.  We spent the day hanging out with Who Calls So Loud, and I ended up enjoying their set very much as well.  They have a gorgeous double LP that I hope lots of people will pick up on this tour.  Their adorable, young Japanese merch guy was almost as cute as I was.

It was good to see the boys perform; I’m sure it must feel like a release after all these months of practicing and preparing.  And I got a chance to remember why I was a fan since long before I ever started dating Dan.  They stand out as just as impressively as ever, and I can’t wait to see how they’ll sound after they get fully back into the swing of things as a band.

That evening, as I sat at the merch table, I watched a whole bunch of people writhe around in neon colors on television — apparently the closing ceremonies for the Olympics.  Surrounded by the hard work and sweat and humble ambition of TBL and people who managed to persevere to the end of a Sunday night show, nothing seemed more ridiculous and fake and somehow irrelevant than the flashing display of wealth and self-aggrandizement on the screen in front of me.  ::sigh:: Yet another reason why I despise televisions in public places.  Please get that thing out of my way, I’m trying to have a life.

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to see TBL.  Dan’s been so pleased and inspired to live amongst so many creative people here in Richmond, and he’s had a blast going to all of your rock shows, art openings, and clam bakes.  I know it meant a lot to him to see all of you there supporting him in his endeavor as well.