retracing steps.

“Tell me how you two got together!” Such a simple request, the politest and most typical of girlfriendly queries, and yet it hit me heavily, blankly, like a Trivial Pursuit card about some event from the 1970s you’ve never even heard of. And it does all seem so absurd and unlikely and hazy in my head. How do you manage to tell a concise, chronological story about something that’s more like a mix of related but vastly different fireworks going off in your heart than real events that occurred? How can you possibly lay it all out in an orderly fashion? This thing that didn’t really “happen” per se, but more washed over you. It’s hard to retrace your steps when you look back and the path itself has changed, like so many Hogwarts staircases.

So when you can’t write or think very coherently, you just list the things you do know, Bella Swan style. Continue reading