stuff Cora likes.

Cora is an 8-month-old baby. She likes:

  • crackers
  • her big sister
  • playing “Where’s baby?”
  • dozing off in the front porch swing
  • biting things
  • finding acorn caps on the floor and trying to eat them
  • picking at the jewelry of whoever’s holding her
  • bath time
  • pulling herself up to stand in the bath 😬
  • climbing on everything, really
  • blueberries
  • piping hot bottles
  • chasing the cat

a hundred random Thursday nights.

Little Bear put his arms around Mother Bear. He said, “Mother Bear, stop fooling. You are my Mother Bear and I am your Little Bear, and we are on Earth, and you know it. Now may I eat my lunch?” “Yes,” said Mother Bear, “and then you will have your nap. For you are my little bear, and I know it.”

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this mess is a place.

Design by, photo by Ansel Olson, photo of a photo by me.

My heart is full, my head is full. It’s a busy time, with few moments left over to spend getting too sad. Probably the saddest thing I’ve done since my last post is watch HIMYM. That silly show that we always watched together has a particular poignance for me right now. But it must be watched, I’ve waited too long and had too many near-spoiler-misses to delay. Tears are worth hearing NPH say “I don’t need to ‘wait for it’ anymore.” Continue reading