Tess and Matt 2017: of sunlight and joy and things.

I suppose that since I married the neighborhood king of shoegaze and cardigans and Being Very Quiet And Intense, it makes perfect sense that our wedding was beautiful and serene and full of joy and calm and filtered sunlight and moments where I thought my heart would explode. Continue reading


goodbyes, festivals, weddings, and all manner of weather.

all the usual suspects at the Celtic Festival.

Shortly after that last entry I looked at my calendar and was like “GAH! How am I ever going to make it through this next month?” There was just…a lot going on at the same time. Which is what always tends to happen.

Halloween at the Good Ship.

So, highlights of the past month or so:

  • Saying goodbye to Marc, my wonderful boss who moved to Switzerland. This was very sad, but we’re all excited for him to live the dream in beautiful Lausanne. In tribute, we thought it was only fitting to make a blog for him.
  • Work-related visits from many New Yorkers, which entailed lots of meetings, lots of eating out, and lots of entertaining. It was great catching up with some people and getting to know others. Fun but exhausting to have so many guests back-to-back.
  • Hilarious times at the RVA Comedy Coalition’s Richmond Famous event, this time highlighting Tumblr Richmond. I never know what to expect from live comedy and usually feel like I’m that person in the room who just. doesn’t. get. it. But this was fantastic and totally accessible, and I spent the whole time cracking up.
  • Two work-related conferences, one in Richmond and one in New York. These are also kind of exhausting and make you get behind in your actual job, but I’m a huge fan of going to conferences and I feel like the benefits do outweigh the costs. I always return with tons of fresh ideas and perspectives that I wouldn’t have otherwise considered. It keeps you from getting too set in your routines.
  • Our third wedding anniversary! Yay.
  • Attending the Central Virginia Celtic Festival and Highland Games, our yearly family tradition. Fried foods were had, fiddles were heard, blacksmithing was seen, etc. Always a good time.
  • Going to the City Church Harvest Festival on our friends’ awesome estate out in the country. Barbecue, redneck-themed skits, square dancing, pumpkin-flavored desserts, fire pits, old friends, new friends. This is fast becoming another of my favorite signifiers of autumn.
  • Watching Hurricane Sandy tear up the East Coast. Hurricanes happen, and I think most adult Virginians kind of have their little routine around them. For me it’s trying not to let any kind of hysteria get to me, and when the day comes, keeping an eye on weather sites and freaking out only if necessary. My freak-out moment came this time when I viewed a NOAA map of the entire span of the hurricane. It was a MONSTER. I told Dan that I had never seen one that big in my entire life, and later I saw that this is probably because nothing this huge (width-wise) has happened since I was very tiny. But here we were super lucky, and suffered nothing but inconvenience.
  • Throwing a little Halloween get-together and handing out candy here at home. Just a great time to catch up with friends over snacks, beer, and candy.
  • Seeing Matt and Liz get married. It was a beautiful ceremony, complete with myself reading a bit from Byron, and the reception involved several different cakes and dancing for hours under Christmas lights in an old barn. Another great celebration of one of our favorite couples. This has been a great year for weddings.
  • Being treated to a little New York blizzard while I was up there for work. I was sniffly and didn’t AT ALL have the appropriate footwear on hand, but my walk through the snowy streets from the office to the hotel was sublime. I would like for it to always be snowing when I go to New York. K thx.
  • Hanging out at the grand opening of WPA Bakery, which’ll be serving up all the delicious baked things we love from Ipanema, but in Church Hill. This changes everything.

Oh and by the way, I am pregnant. We shall be bringing our little alien into the world in June. More on that later!

Talia, Karen, and Ryan visiting me at the Ace in NYC.