corporate brainssss

This afternoon is lovely.  The weather is perfect.  I ditched the gym today and had lunch at Popkin Tavern for the first time, and I was impressed.  Crab cake sandwich = satisfactory.  Greyhound = even better.

Tonight I get to see Fun Size!  I’ve had a blast at all the other reunion shows this year, but I have to admit I’m the most excited about this one.  This will allow me to revisit the age of 15 as thoroughly as possible.  I only wish my BFF from back then, Beth, was here to watch it with me.  I will be singing the words up front for her while she’s busy at Princeton, taking exams for her Extra Doctorate in Weird Science or something.

This weekend there is much planned: cookouts a-go-go, sparkly shopping, cemetery picnic, Skull-A-Day stuff.  But perhaps it’ll all get rained out, giving us the opportunity to curl up on the back porch and watch a lovely southern thunderstorm.

I love summertime.

the best night of talia’s life

I just got back from Rock Lotto a little bit ago, and now I’m waiting for some cupcakes to come out of the oven.  I have been astonished tonight.

At Gallery 5, Talia sat down behind the drum kit like a pro.  Granted, a very…incredibly drunk pro, but a pro nonetheless.  Her spunk and vitality was just as infectious with the crowd as it is around the house, and people screamed for more.  She switched off between drums and guitar with her bandmate, and it was pure chaos.  How can I explain it?  You’ve all been there.  In a dark, weakly-attended house show on a Tuesday night.  At some random house party in the suburbs.  Things just randomly come together, and make sense for a second.  She was like a less mousy version of Meg White. Tonight was Talia’s night.  She and her bandmate got up there and entertained in spite of the fact that the rest of their band ditched out on them at the last minute.  Her bravery inspires me.

At one point the drunk guy who was MC-ing got up on stage and grabbed the mic and tried to hijack their set.  She stared at him blankly for a minute, and then continued with her flesh-ripping, senseless guitar manifesto, much to the crowd’s delight.  There were at least forty people screaming her name at one point.  Her bouncy ringlets took on a new persona of unpredictability, while her clothes said “I don’t really care, which is cool in this town.  But I don’t have to, because I’m a natural.”  This person was born to be a Richmond celebrity, and her day has come.

Within ten minutes of her leaving the stage, my always-single roommate had four different boys tell her they had a crush on her.  At least one of them was an RVA A-lister.  You’re all in big, big trouble now.   I feel like she’s really come into her own.  Being the raddest girl in the room has way more to do with confidence (and a balance of calculation and abandon) than it does with being the prettiest or skinniest or youngest or friendliest.  It’s as if you suddenly exude all of the other qualities without meaning to, when you’ve got the first quality down.

Anyway, tonight just blew my mind, and I wish you were all there so you could have understood this rambling blog way better.

But, on to links:

the sensitive type

Today was long, tiring, and fun. Sold t-shirts, saw old friends, laughed a lot. Walked around a little more than yesterday, although I still haven’t been to the goth tent and I’m very disappointed. I think the latest pictures in my Cornerstone 2007 album speak for themselves, with the highlight of the day being seeing widows&orphans play, and then having girl talk with them afterwards. Now we’re passing out. As Sean says…”VIEW MORE PICS.”

pet peeves, pickle juice, and unbeige

Last night my bass lesson went swimmingly, and afterwards Marshall and I dined at Ipanema. So I’ve yet another blackened tofu salad under my belt, and all’s right with the world.

I came home to a lovely scene: Maddie embroidering and watching Fiddler on the Roof. I joined her, and then sang my way to bed after the Fruma Sarah scene.

Lately I’ve had the good fortune to find three different online items that echo my thoughts exactly about certain pet peeves:

  1. Pet peeve: people who don’t know how to merge
    Blog entry that hits the nail on the head
  2. Pet peeve: people who equate “love” with “butterflies”
    Blog entry that hits the nail on the head
  3. Pet peeve: people who use Caps Lock
    Organization that hits the nail on the head

And as far as the usual ol’ links go…

In other news, I’m liking it here at the new blog. I spent part of yesterday bulking up all the links on the right-hand side of the page, as well as adding descriptions to them. So when you roll the mouse over the links, little tooltips come up to tell you what each one is. Some are too long, but I’ll get to that later.

I can also moderate comments really easily with WordPress, and I have it set to where you have to have one approved comment before it’ll just let you comment immediately.

But the blog stats are the most interesting thing to me. Xanga had some really basic, rudimentary thing where you could see what state / search engine / time / etc. people were accessing your blog from, but WordPress has fancy charts and graphs and such. Very nice. Much to my surprise, way more people look at my blog every day than I thought. And many more people subscribe to my RSS feed than I thought.

So thanks for reading, everyone!