ode to the pajama crew.

I need to remember

When things are hard

When I get home after a day of listening to and absorbing peoples’ problems to a noisy house where everyone needs something from me

When after less than a week back at work, the to-do list grows faster than the time exists outside of meetings to address it

When every task is interrupted by the next supposedly-more-urgent one so that the tasks (and tabs) are ever expanding but never contracting

When it takes 18 minutes to cross the street, pick up lunch, and cross the street again in the unwalkable suburban office park

When what used to be a simple disappearing act into and out of a room to pump has vanished with the office move and been replaced with setting up and tearing down pumping equipment twice (once in a windowless conference room to pump, once in the bathroom of dubious cleanliness to rinse), and then dragging it all back to my desk

When the milk supply itself seems to be dwindling at an alarming rate after all the time you’ve spent making special efforts to extend it

When the dinner guest turns her nose up at everything and there’s audible disdain in her voice when she says “Can I be done now?”

When the swimming instructor calls for the third lesson in a row and says it’s canceled at the last minute due to thunderstorms and it’s not actually storming, and it’s an INDOOR POOL anyway

When there are tears and wailing due to the specific properties of a homemade bath bomb not being exactly what was wished for and expected

When everything goes wrong

I need to remember

That this is why we do it

That there’s enough love here to cover over all wrongs

That burying your face in a wiggly baby’s gut and blowing a raspberry replenishes energy

That what we’ve built and are building here is amazing and is the only thing that really matters

And that yes, it is worth it.

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