sharp relief.

My first (short) week at work is over, and I survived. Cora did reluctantly start taking the bottle okay, thanks to gargantuan effort from Matt, and it was a huge relief to get his texts about it as I was trying to get back into office life. I’m enormously glad she’s okay, and I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Some parts of returning to work are wonderful: seeing my coworkers again, settling into a new desk, and being greeted with flowers, balloons, and doughnuts are all great things. Working from ye olde soulless suburban office park is not so great though. All the work I had put into getting my pumping space all ready to go in the old office is kaput, and the whole concept of pumping is now very different for me without the dedicated space for it. So that’s been disappointing to deal with, along with the lengthy commute and all the issues that our folks have with connectivity and supplies in this office. It’s a time of upheaval, and I hate that my people have had to (and continue to) weather that. But overall, I’m grateful and happy to be back working at a job I don’t hate in a life that I love.

And of course, as lucky as I am to be able to sufficiently bread-win, the best part of being the breadwinner will always be coming home every day to my sweet family. 💕

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