backyard 2017.

This past Sunday was an opportunity to stop and breathe after a few hectic weeks, and I relished it. I cleaned up the house a bit, cleaned up the backyard, and then sat with my feet up on the deck, catching up on photo edits and finishing some thank-you notes.

I’m so grateful for the amazing friends and family in our lives. Never being able to keep up with the pace of thank-you notes needing to be written is a pretty good problem to have.

I love the backyard, and the sense of down-to-the-spirit calmness that sets in after a little while of gardening or (even better) relaxing there. It has a lot more plastic kid furnishings than I ever pictured a backyard of mine having, but so much the better. Even that is a blessing.

After dinner we got a text from our neighbors about an impromptu fire pit. We strolled over for a little while, laughed about escaping backyard chickens and non-listening toddlers, swapped restaurant recommendations, and I helped Eleanor roast a marshmallow. An early bedtime should have left me extra refreshed on Monday morning, and yet…I found myself on the couch next to a campfire-smelling husband and a snuggly tabby cat, having a hard time leaving for work and wishing for Sunday again.

But, onward! One goal for that morning was to put one foot in front of the other and get to my office chair. Check. One goal for the week is to focus, finishing one task before moving onto the next. Check, sorta. And one goal for the summer is to continue our pattern of hospitality and opening up our home, but to do so on a smaller scale, focusing on one person or a small group at a time and practicing how I see others loving me: asking questions, offering comfort, making them feel heard. Onward.

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