of celebrations and spreadsheets.

Our life is a spreadsheet kingdom right now, or at least it has been for a while.

It’s a season of momentous occasions, and of course I want to treat those occasions with at least a measure of the pomp that befits them. But with no gaps, it feels like a life perennially lived with too many open tabs. It’s looked something like this for us:

New Orleans trip doc (Thanksgiving-ish) –> trip and engagement happen, then it’s on to a wedding spreadsheet (January) –> wedding happens, then it’s on to the open house spreadsheet (March) –> open house happens, we collapse in a heap (May)

That list doesn’t include the spreadsheets I’ve got my hands in at work. 😬 But you know, you don’t get totally cool Matt-designed enamel lapel pins to hand out as party favors when you don’t get organized. Worth it, tbh.

Our open house to celebrate with a larger group of family and friends was last weekend, and it was beautiful. The days-long rain jag let up just in time, the dessert table was heavy-laden, and there were laughter and sweet people everywhere from the front porch to the back gate. It was one of those “just lock the doors” moments, the phrase that Matt’s mom uses to describe times where you’re surrounded by so many of the people who love and support you in life that you just want to keep them all together in one place. Since we had mass quantities of crab dip and featured cocktails (whiskey punch, old fashioneds, moscow mules), this might have actually been feasible.

But the question we kept hearing all day was “Are you going anywhere for a honeymoon?” and though the answer is yes, someday, absolutely, and it’ll be great, the right-now answer is “NO MORE PLANNING SPREADSHEETS for a little bit, please and thank you.”

Anyway spreadsheets are an amazing, efficient advancement and I have no idea how people plan things without them, I’m just…going to take a little break from big entertaining and major traveling endeavors for the moment.

Aside from all the Big Things going on, we’ve enjoyed plenty of regular, blissful, ol’ times both structured and unstructured.

We had a little game night for Matt’s birthday back in March. Open windows, pizza, a few friends, and some card and board games make for excellent times. I got schooled at a Lego board game by a 7-year-old.

One Saturday we went to Maymont Children’s Farm and Morella fed all of the goats. And looked cool doing it.

We had an educational morning at the Science Museum. I’m seriously unsure which of these two has a better time building things with magnetic tiles.

Matt and I got away to DC for a couple of days for a long overdue visit to the lovely Nicole. I mean just look at her.

We had a nice egg hunt with all our neighborhood friends.

We’ve done a ton of gardening.

And we got a new niece / cousin! Little Gwen is just perfect and we love her to pieces.

We had a sweet Mother’s Day this year, just hanging out at the park with the whole crew (my family and Matt’s, who were still in town for the open house) and then watching the girls swing together on our front porch.

Lest you think it’s been all parties and glamor around here, I also burned the heck out of my hand on the popcorn machine while volunteering at the Robinson one night. Sometimes we wake up at 4am to the jarring sound of our cats fighting under our bed, as they are less than fond of each other. And I’ve been struggling to stay organized at work under a growing workload (since I myself am not growing in clone-ability). These are the things that just don’t make it into the photos.

Some of my favorite times this spring have been just the weeknights when we end up lying on our backs in the park, pointing out shapes in the clouds. Or picnicking. Or flying kites. Or climbing trees.

Matt and I are Morella-less this weekend (always a little tough), but we got to meet our friends Mandy and Ian’s new baby this morning and hang around Mandy’s grandmother’s kitchen chatting (one of my favorite pastimes, and as Gma says, “it’s always for something good”). We had amazing scallop rolls for lunch at Yellow Umbrella, and we just got home a little bit ago from moving some of the last of Matt’s stuff from his apartment. And that about catches you up. Next time I type, he’ll be actually moved in all the way. And Morella will have stopped sucking her thumb. And we’ll have managed to pull the vines off the side of the house that are threatening to swallow up our window. Definitely. 😅


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