the days are just packed.

Calvin said it best. The days really have been “just packed” for us lately. Even with the heat wave of doom, we’ve made the most of our evenings and weekends together, and I’m pretty much ready to deem this our best summer yet.

Morella is so open and curious and engaged right now, and excited about the adventures we go on. She comments on everything. She eats, plays, and dances with gusto. She keeps stopping in storefronts where there’s a slightly raised stoop, and doing impromptu performances. It makes walking down the street a bit of a laborious thing, but it’s cute.

We planned a day trip to Virginia Beach and she had a blast. If you didn’t know it, this kid loves aquariums. She liked looking at the fish at the Virginia Aquarium, but I think her favorite part was petting the horseshoe crabs.

Later, she and Matt found hermit crabs crawling along the super shallow surf at First Landing State Park. It was the perfect place to play on the beach with a little kid, because there are no waves, and you would have to walk out like 100 feet for the water to even get up to your chest. We sat directly on the sea floor and let Morella paddle around with her floaty on.

Last weekend Morella and I went on a hike we’ve tackled before at Point of Rocks, but this time she walked the whole way by herself and didn’t use the baby backpack at all. Yesss.

Matt and I spent one kid-less day in Yorktown, knocking around the historic area, peeking into gardens, walking along the beach, and visiting the Yorktown Victory Center. I don’t recommend doing the Victory Center anytime soon because it’s under construction and there isn’t a lot to see, though they do have a beautiful timeline of revolutionary events that spans the length of the building.

Yorktown itself is still as old as ever, and so much like a less theme-park-y Williamsburg. It was hot as heck that day, and everything was very lush and green, and the crepe myrtles were ablaze. I discovered I really like saying the name “Rochambeau.”

When we’re not adventuring, we’ve been doing a lot of yardwork and going on walks to the park in the evenings. Here’s a friend who supervised the yardwork:

We’ve also spent lots of time visiting with friends lately. Mandy and Astrid came from Philly bearing pickles and good news, and we had a lovely dinner with Sabine & co. just down the street.

National Night Out was a ball this year: lots of neighbors, food, kids, popsicles, etc. What a pleasure to live near a bunch of people that I don’t hate hanging out with. In fact, I look forward to it and am happy to see these folks whether it’s planned or we’re just running into each other. Living in close city quarters can be hard. I got lucky with this crew.

I don’t think I mentioned in the last post that my 5-year work anniversary was celebrated in July. Technically I started in February 2011, so I’ve been at Tumblr for over 5.5 years now. Woooo! Seth and I are in the top ten most senior people at the company, which is crazy to think about. I was surprised with a flower delivery in the morning, and my boss read a little blurb about me at the all-team meeting. It’s been a surreal half-decade, both frustratingly and delightfully surreal by turns, and I hope there are plenty more surreal years to come. I am never, never bored at work.

Okay, back to taking advantage of these last few weeks of warmth. I leave you with an image of my current weeknight essentials (cat, porch drinks, baby monitor, candle, water, DEET, and Matt):


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