keeping the lights up.

Things I’ll remember from this week:

  • Blistering heat and humidity
  • Stranger Things and thunderstorms
  • Matt’s plantation punch in my new water goblets
  • A surprise orchid of the most beautiful purple hue
  • My fried green tomatoes, a big hit at Sunday dinner with the family
  • Date night at Metzger, with the ratatouille that disappeared too quickly
  • Post-work swimming with happy, screeching Morella in her blue one-piece and her floaty
  • During the chaos of another Tuesday playdate, sitting quietly with a newborn neighbor in my arms
  • Bicycling peacefully along the riverfront with Morella yelling from the baby bike seat for another pouch
  • Clacking away on my laptop at the kitchen table while Matt doodles in his sketchbook on the couch, listening to Night Vale
  • Morella saying “How about The Diggingest Dog or Because a Little Bug Went Ka-Choo? We haven’t read these in a while.” Even though we have in fact read litchrally those exact two books, every single night for the past several weeks.


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