the cat days of summer.

Summer is our busy time, and that’s as true this year as ever. But life is a little easier these days, and so there’s been more time for rest, reading, and reflection, and a whole bunch of other restorative things that may not even necessarily start with the letter “R.”

Productivity lately: mid-summer trim and cleanup of the front yard. Same in the backyard. Cleaning and organizing all the kitchen cabinets. Setting up the record player I got as a reward at work and that’s been sitting in the parlor, still in its box, for months. Getting rid of some old stuff via the neighborhood online swap group. Finally, finally editing so many photos. Surviving another quarterly Trader Joe’s run. Starting yet another yard project. Work, work, work: macros and spreadsheets and project plans and performance assessments. Edits and re-edits. Language tweaks here and there. The constant head-spinning-around feeling of fielding rapid-fire Google Docs comment notifications, and trying to actually read and understand every one.

Fun lately: the beach in FL with Matt’s family. The beach in NC with mine. Picnicking at the park. Hikes to waterfalls and expansive views. Quiet 4th of July staring out at the valley with wine. Iced tea, ice cream sandwiches, ceiling fans, couch naps. Video games (TFA Lego). Poolside at Matt’s pool. Homemade margaritas and Harry Potter. Reading WTNV. Tricycle time with M. Splashing with toddlers. Tromping up to the hot dog shop with my crew. Blissfully unscheduled time. A buggy walk through the hot Richmond late afternoon, to a blue and orange sunset.

Just when I think life can’t get any better, it does.



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