say a prayer for me.

Today is a good day. I feel weirdly rested, especially considering the fact that I stayed up too late last night. I’m sitting here listening to the rain during M’s nap time, and I can’t get Sponge out of my head for some reason. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I had a great Valentine’s Day weekend. It was full of so many bright spots, so even though I missed Morella terribly, I still enjoyed it overall. A quiet and cheerful dinner at my friends’ new house, a lazy Saturday, a Galentine’s Day party with a bunch of lady friends. When I walked into Brandi’s house and saw a little platter that she had set out with a tiny bottle of champagne and a little placard with my new / old name on it, I teared up. To sweeten the evening, it was shoegaze night at the nearest watering hole. In the morning I had a nice brunch with Jackee, and we ran errands and then went to see an early movie with her school friends. I went home and watched old Charlie Chaplin films under a blanket, with chocolate. A+++

Monday we had a beautiful and tiny snow, and I spent the day shoveling, playing with M’s little friends, and running away from her throwing snowballs at me. Or pieces of ice, or whatever, she could pry off the ground.

This week was really productive at work. I’m adjusting to the extra meetings and stuff I need to get done in my previous boss’ absence, and mostly it’s business as usual. The rest of the week was good too. Morella and I went to a book club meeting, had fondue night with the family, and went to a pizza night at the Simpsons’ house. I was the recipient of some delicious homemade pesto, so I foresee a rash of pizza-making in this house.

Yesterday we hiked in the 60-degree weather at Pony Pasture. I loved the earthy smell of the paths, and the sound of the very high river rushing. And of course, Morella’s loud singing right in my ear as we marched along. There were lots of other families there with little kids and babies, and lots of dogs who were interested in Morella’s snacks. I let her out of the baby backpack on the way back to the parking area, and she ran most of the way. I could tell she was getting tired because  She fell asleep on the way home as I drove slowly down Riverside Drive, ogling houses. After nap, we met up with friends at the playground. After baby bedtime, I had a few friends over and we laughed around the fire pit. At first it was maybe a little too warm for a fire, but it cooled off and we enjoyed it anyway. It just felt wrong to be inside on a night like last night, so I’m glad I built a fire.

We got one of those blankets with the comically large knit, and Morella calls it “dat cozy banket.” It is my new favorite thing in the house.

My african violet, which has only ever bloomed once before in the seven or eight years I’ve had it, is blooming again right now. I was way more shocked than anybody should be when they look at a plant that’s supposed to flower, and actually is. ❤


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