thunder & snow.

Things I’ll remember about the blizzard:

  • Watching the snow fall giddily during Morella’s naptime.
  • Her tiny snow shovel, which she used to scoop up snow and dump it right back onto the path.
  • Bundled-up M unable to get up after falling in the snow. Struggling pointlessly and calling out “Mommy?”
  • Curling up with snacks and movies.
  • Getting silly with friends who tromped over in the snow.
  • Snowing steadily two days in a row! Unheard of in RVA.
  • Watching the boxwoods in the backyard disappear slowly.
  • Attempting to go outside, getting beaten back in by the blizzard.
  • White-out conditions: standing in the middle of an intersection and not being able to see to the next cross-street.
  • Barely able to make it to a neighbor’s for dinner with M under one arm and blueberry muffins under the other, and snow up to my knees.
  • M’s solemn observation: “It sure looks like Elsa’s been here.”
  • Good cobbled-together potluck dinner with friends in their cozy, kid-filled home.
  • Slippery walk to WPA with crabby toddlers.
  • No-plow transportation: Dragging sunglasses-clad, popcorn-munching M around the neighborhood on the sled in the middle of the street.
  • “I’m making a snow angelllll” in M’s sing-songy voice.
  • Fleece-lined leggings.
  • The river, frozen all the way across all the way down to Rocketts.
  • Frustration at having cool houseguests but having to work instead of hang.
  • Play-doh everywhere.
  • Boisterous dinner at the Hill Cafe, followed by two toddlers on the sled ride home.
  • “Go faster, Mommy!”
  • Our snowman with butterscotch eyes, homespun hat, and NYE noisemaker in its mouth.
  • No daycare for five days.
  • Cooking pretty much the entire contents of our freezer.
  • Kicking around in dirty snow piles.
  • Feeling a familiar stir, and overthinking things.
  • This amazing video that captures the beauty of Richmond in the snow.
  • Squeezing every last bit of fun out of our snow week. ❤


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