golden years.

Not that all those snowy, cold days curled up with a movie weren’t fun, but I think we’re both relieved that it’s warmed up and we’re able to spend lots of time outside. The first day we were really able to go to the park again and Morella could just run around, she spent the entire time waving her arms around and squealing. I love our after-work walks and how it’s gradually changed from me pulling her along gently, to her tugging me along yelling “Come ON, Mommy!”

She’s talking more and more, and I’m constantly surprised when new phrases pop up. The other day she said her longest sentence so far, which was “Ooh I made a big mess!” She tries to sing along to songs, and she can count to ten with no problem. It’s fun making this transition from seeing myself as a caretaker for her where the conversation was all one-sided, to seeing her as my unflappable sidekick and a very enthusiastic conversation partner.

Potty-training is moving along slowly; she’s still just getting familiar with it. But she doesn’t hate doing it, and she is very proud of herself when she has successes. There is much clapping and yelling.

In the car she’s started yelling “That way, Mommy!” trying to get me to turn the car whichever way she points. It drives her crazy that I can’t always do it. I’ve asked her “Can you use your words and tell me why you want to go that way? What do you want to do?” And she just repeats, “That way.” Mysterious mysteries.

We’ve been doing lots of entertaining and Morella’s gotten to spend time with all her favorite people.


We did a photo shoot with Deanna (Wild Design Photography) earlier this month and the only thing that got Morella to sit still long enough for pictures was to put some food in her hand (hence the cupcake). The resulting images are adorable. That lady has a gift. Morella loves her “DeeDee.”

There are a few things that are making this spring hard and scary, but for the most part we are getting along fine. Every day Morella grows stronger and taller and smarter. I’m so proud of her and I can’t believe I’ve been shepherding this little person around for almost two years! Time flies. I’m thankful for photography for helping me slow down and appreciate the things I see, every day. Okay, goodbye for now!


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