snow week.

We got an unprecedented amount of snow (two different snows within a few days of each other) and Richmond was a winter wonderland for a while.

Morella’s mind was blown by it. She didn’t care about watching it from the window. I think she just thought it was rain. But once we got outside, she thought it was dirt or something that needed to be cleared so she tried to wipe it all off of the little brick wall around the front garden. To her great consternation, it continued to fall and she wasn’t making much progress. Then I told her snow was for playing, and she said “Whee!” and we took a long walk in her pink cowboy boots. “Walk, snow. Walk, snow” she muttered to herself as we walked.

At my parents’ house, she got to go sledding for the first time. She was both intrigued and terrified. She was making scared noises as we would go down the hill, then you would say “You want to do it again?” and she would say “YES!” Then Grandpa showed her how to throw snowballs and she was hooked. She has gathered and thrown snow every time she’s gotten a chance since last week. Even if we’re just entering or leaving the house, she’ll veer off and scrape together some melty snow from the corner of the porch and try to throw it at me. Yesterday as we were picking up trash on the block, she kept running up to piles of dirty, melty snow and digging into them.


Later she got some snow boots that light up when you stomp your feet, courtesy of her cousin Siouxzie, who has a matching pair. She didn’t want to take them off for several days. I try to run a chill and fun household for her but wearing snow boots to bed is where I draw the line.

She’s gotten really into Frozen and on one day when daycare was closed, she enjoyed watching it next to me while I worked.

She’s spent a little time staying inside away from the cold with friends, as have I.

And of course most days it’s just good old-fashioned Mama / Morella time, as usual.


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