with both hands.

“You’re throwing away happiness with both hands, and reaching out for something that will never make you happy.”

It’s hard to start healing when the arrows keep coming at me fast and often. When the obligations and demands keep hurtling at me through the veneer of detachment. I want it to be over so badly, and for Morella and I to be able to have some real peace and turn our eyes entirely onto the future. Patience, though. I know.

My week was productive though. I had a lot of good meetings at work and otherwise, and flew through a few tasks. On the home front, I know a lot of tasks that have been back-burnered will have to wait until my upcoming staycation. Last night after work my mom came over, and I went to an open studio tour for a bit and saw some interesting equipment and slides, and met some new people. Then later I went to city group and had a good time talking and catching up with friends. When we’re all looking at the Bible app on our phones, from a distance it looks like a roomful of people taking selfies. Coooooool. 🙂 After I got home, Dave and Haley stuck around, shared some wine with me, and just listened and encouraged and shared some news for a couple of hours. As much as I like all the new opportunities for getting out of the house and appreciate people reaching out and inviting me places, most of the time I just want to relax at home, because dedicated relaxing time is always the first thing to get cut from my day. Quiet conversations with some of the best people around — exactly my favorite way to spend an evening. Besides amusement parks, I mean.


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