my pearl of great price.

We’ve had a couple of snowy weeks, which was a delight because of how rarely it occurs. The only issue with a city that shuts down at the first sign of a snowflake is that when the daycare is closed, life gets hard for a working mother who never gets off for snow. Luckily Morella is pretty cheerful no matter where she spends her day.

Speaking of how motherhood has changed me, I love that I wrote all about it and published the post and then suffered the most intense instance of it thus far. Morella was very sick a few weeks ago, and I got scared. Admittedly I live a pretty cushy existence and a lot of fear or anxiety aren’t a part of my everyday life. But it’s crazy the effect that fear can have on you when it comes out of nowhere and takes over immediately. My mind raced. I imagined the worst case scenario. I envisioned life without her. I burst into tears and wrung my hands. I hugged Dan and we took a deep breath, got it together, and got ourselves out the door to the hospital. She’s absolutely fine now and that memory is already receding into the past, dimmed by each passing minute, thankfully. But it’s like a red pinpoint standing out in the penciled lines of my life, marking how acutely I felt those fleeting moments. And how precious she is to me.

She’s also crawling now! I’ve got some videos to edit and then they’ll be up on the family blog soon.

We celebrated Lianna’s birthday this year with a fire pit at our house, and lots of junk food. I stayed up late!

I’m in the middle of some big documentation overhauls at work, so my days are hurtling by. Evenings are a pretty set routine of trying to get dinner ready or at least prepped, picking up the baby and getting both of us out of all our winter layers, feeding all three of us and cleaning up from that (you get one guess as to who makes the biggest mess), and then changing the baby into pajamas, playing with her, reading her some books, nursing her, and putting her to sleep…followed by either yoga or photo editing or a movie / Downton episodes / chess games with Dan. Any other free time is full of family, new friends and long walks around the neighborhood, and enjoying some new restaurants nearby like Urban Farmhouse and Union Market. Dan and I would like to get back into having friends over for dinner on the regular, and we’ve started that officially as of last night. I’ve got a trip to NY for work coming up pretty soon, and I’m excited about it and nervous about how I’m going to handle the milk-related logistics. This weekend we’ve got some adventuring planned. A long drive! House tours! Etc.


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