staycation 2013.

I’m on a staycation this week, and it is awesome. Well so far it’s just full of errands and chores. Lots of other things have been going on with work and with the baby, so things in general are just in overdrive and I’m struggling to keep up with everything.

On the agenda for this week:

Get a flu shot
Add air to the car’s tires
Complete family photos project: in progress
Fill out and turn in Morella’s montessori school application
Get our Christmas shopping list together and get some gifts ordered
Let Mom know what we want for Christmas
Catch up on The Vampire Diaries
Get Christmas cards prepped: in progress
Pick out some new glasses
Adventuring with Kathryn

I wonder if I’ll ever get to those last two? Probably not.   -__-


4 thoughts on “staycation 2013.

  1. I feel you on the ever so hopeful to-do list. You are gorgeous and Morella is just to die for in the bottom photos!!

  2. Robin! Just read your post and though I haven’t been feeling resentful about it, I TOTALLY am going through the same thing with longing to be at home with my kid. I feel like I’m missing out. It is heartbreaking. I love her and I’m doing my best, but it’s hard to miss so much time with her.

  3. It’s really the toughest game of tug-of-war isn’t it? You said it perfectly. All I think about sometimes is how I am missing out and how it feels wrong sometimes to pay someone to care for my son. I think the sense of resentment really started growing with time and a few months after going back to work. But again – I have a really exciting new opportunity that I think will
    be so fulfilling that perhaps I won’t feel as guilty when I am away from him and can instead delight in the crazy mornings, precious few hours and night and weekends. Hang in there! Let me know if I can ever be a listening ear. You are so talented and creative – Morella is going to learn a lot from you.

  4. Yes. I have been really enjoying my evenings with Morella, but I guess there’s just a wistfulness there…I wish I could have been with her all day too. We will definitely have to keep in touch and update each other on this!

    . . .Tess Shebaylo. . . tessshebaylo dot com

    On Tue, Nov 5, 2013 at 9:05 PM, parasol party

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