this time of year.

It’s early fall and the sunlight was absolutely beautiful today.

I’m on evening rotation so after dropping Dan off at work (his truck is getting inspected), I took the baby to Lamplighter in Scott’s Addition for an iced coffee. It was nice to have some quiet time just sitting there sipping and playing with her and the toy I brought for her. As we drove away, toward her daycare, she was gurgling contentedly in the back seat. When I put her down in a bouncy seat at daycare, she was smiling at me so big…I had a hard time leaving her. You would think that if the baby is upset and crying it would be harder, but actually if she’s cheerful and wanting to play, it kills me. I just want to hang out with her all day and play with her and kiss her fat little cheeks.

At the coffee shop I sat next to this couple that was obviously planning their wedding, and I had to smile because they both seemed so thoroughly unenthused about it. They weren’t like a typical couple because the guy had his laptop out and was going over everything they still needed to do, and the lady was just kind of staring into her coffee. He had just said “So, I don’t know if the texas caviar is going to work” when I left. Love it.

Anyway. After laundry and dishes and answering some work emails, I headed out to a birthday lunch with Lianna. We ate at Haiku and enjoyed their incredibly filling lunch bentos, and she showered me properly with gifts. 🙂 Then I stopped by Sephora to pick up my free birthday gift (you have to take the small wins as they come) and Target for the usual stuff.

This weekend was top-notch. Friday I was on a comp day and had a hair appointment, and as always it was fun and relaxing to sit and chat with Karen for hours. After picking up the baby I went to the grocery store to pick up some picnic supplies, and after putting the baby to bed, I made a bunch of pesto with the overgrown basil in our front yard. Saturday morning we picnic-of-doomed in the park with friends, and unlike some years the weather was gorgeous and we were comfortable just sitting there in the grass. Later we went to the RVA Street Art Festival at the old GRTC depot, and admired some art, bought a print of a map of Richmond, wanted to buy a ton of Bizarre Market things, and ran into a bunch of friends. This crazy old B17 bomber plane that we had seen flying over the park Saturday morning was flying over the city again and everyone kept commenting on it. Back at home we had a quiet evening and watched a movie on the couch. Then Sunday I worked, and the family came over for dinner and birthday celebrations. I opened presents (a dress, and some tea towels and delicious treats from Colonial Williamsburg) and we went for a sunset walk to Libby Hill. I blew out the candles on my Krispy Kreme birthday tower and wished for something good.

I spent yesterday morning running a couple of errands (including stopping at Gallmeyer Farms!) and then attacking the encroaching weeds and enormous rosemary plant in the front garden. Several armfuls of clippings later, it looks semi-non-wilderness out there. I put the pumpkin on the porch and a pot of mums, and we’re ready for fall. As murderous as it is on my back and knees, I feel so refreshed after a few hours of gardening — and more prepared to spend the evening indoors staring at this screen.

32! Let’s do this.


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