adventuring with baby in tow.

On Saturday morning Morella and I headed down to Colonial Heights to do a house tour of Violet Bank. This is a little-known site and one I had no idea about until a couple of years ago, so it was good to finally check it out. The house is gorgeous if in disrepair, and the enormous magnolia tree out front is as much a reason to visit as the house and the history. Morella was good during the tour, and sat up in my arms and looked around the whole time.

Next we went to Petersburg for lunch at Hiram Haines Coffee & Ale House, a favorite haunt. I had a delicious turkey sandwich while she napped. And they also had something called Thalhimer Cake, which I had never heard of, but which apparently was a much-beloved staple of the old Richmond department store’s bake shop.

It’s actually pretty basic in taste, but the fanciness of those thin layers was impressive. I enjoyed it.

We drove around a little after this, looking for an old plantation house called Battersea. I found it, but the drive was fenced off and I didn’t want to leave Morella in the car while I hopped the fence and took a closer look. Plus she started fussing. So we headed home, where she ate and relaxed a little.

Next we went to the Fall Line Fest food cart court at the corner of Broad and Belvidere to meet up with Lianna. We said hi to friends, walked around and looked at vendors’ booths, had a hard cider, and sat and talked for a while. Morella slept most of the time but she got a ton of compliments on her stylin’ sunglasses.

Later we took a walk around the neighborhood with Dan, stopping at Alamo for some portobello tacos. We ran into the Shays at Libby Hill Park, and their son Elliot is getting so big and adorable. He was really excited about a worm he found on the ground.

On Sunday I think we pretty much did chores all day, and then Mom and Dad came over for dinner. A great weekend, all told.


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