talk of the town.

Morella is 6 weeks old today. Things are starting to calm down. I don’t know if I’m dooming myself by saying that, but there it is. I understand that until old age, things will never be truly “calm” like they were. But it’s calmer than it was the first couple of weeks, anyway. She’s sleeping for longer stretches, and when she’s awake she can remain in a non-screaming state for a while. So it’s not just sleep/scream/eat, sleep/scream/eat anymore. I love her little smiles and all the noises she makes and even though I enjoy my time at work with her NOT suctioned to me, I miss her all the same.

I won’t have as much time for this starting next week when I’m back at work full time, but this week I took her on some nice walks around the neighborhood. She’s the talk of the town and everybody asks about her and the pram. In fact, I’m going to stop taking the pram out if I’m not in the mood to talk to a bunch of strangers, because I’m bound to get stopped a couple of times on my walk when I’m pushing that circus down the street. I’ve been walking down to Libby Hill and sitting in the shade to read my book for a while, and Morella lies in the pram with the top down, staring up at the trees and gurgling. This is absolute bliss. Then we go back out into the sun and my face melts and I remember it’s July in the south.

I would love to spend more time doing that, but mostly I’m racing through home life every day to make sure everything is ready for me to go to work the next day, and then racing through work life to make sure everything gets done so I can get home. When I have the day off and the laundry / dishes / sweeping / etc. are finally done and I’m meandering slowly through Church Hill with the pram, I’m like “so this is being a stay-at-home mom.” I wish I could stay home. Imagine the craft projects she and I would do! So elaborate. She’d be crocheting before she could talk. But that life isn’t to be ours, so I’m focusing on enjoying the time that we DO have.

Yesterday we went to Proper Pie and I got a sausage roll for lunch, and then we headed to the temple to pay a visit to my former colleagues, who were delighted to see the little bundle of joy. I miss those folks. Then I was going to stop by the new doughnut shop, but someone got fussy in the car and I figured I’d better not fly too close to the sun. Later, Lianna and Kathy stopped by, bearing treats from WPA. And in the evening Brandi and her boyfriend brought us dinner (delicious enchiladas) and hung out for a while. It’s good to have people stopping by making sure we feel loved. We do feel loved.

My workplace is doing a fitness challenge where we all got Jawbone Up bands and are supposed to be walking 100 miles within 30 calendar days. The challenge hasn’t officially started yet, nor have I been given the green light to start working out again by the midwives, but I’ve been going on some walks and exceeding my goals these first few days of having the wristband. So this should be fun to use and a good way to ease back into workouts, since I’m obviously not going to go on my usual 3-mile run the first day I start working out again after months of not running. I may not meet the 100-mile goal or anything, but getting moving again on any level is probably a win.

Lately we’ve been shopping for cars, since rumor has it that the TesSUV will die any day now. I think she’ll be okay for another 17 years, but Dan is dubious. We made a list of car possibilities, did some research, went out and browsed those cars in person, narrowed our list down further, and then started test-driving the remaining candidates. I love small cars, and I really thought I remembered baby seats fitting into little sedans just fine. But apparently not. We’ve actually dragged the baby seat around with us and tried it out in all the potential cars. And while it always fits okay behind my seat, it can’t fit behind Dan’s seat. And if we don’t want to have to buy a bigger car if we want to have another kid in a couple years. So this means that most of the cars I like (like the VW Sportwagen, Subaru Impreza, Ford Focus, etc.) are off the list. And we have to look at larger cars. I HATE large automobiles. Anyway, this is not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. Sometimes when you finally get to that place in life where you’re picking out your own car for the first time EVER, you can’t get what you want because of baby seats.

Buying a car should be fun, right? I don’t know. It’s not that fun for me. I’ve lived my life broke, and huge purchases stress me out. It’s a big purchase that you only get to make a couple of times in life, and if you mess it up you can’t just fix it next week or whatever. I console myself by knowing that no matter what car we get, it’ll seem like a mobile palace in contrast with the TesSUV, which, bless her heart, has a state-of-the-art cassette tape deck and nary a upholder in sight.

Goals for the next couple of weeks: getting to the bottom of this car thing, not worrying about household chores, going on more walks, hanging out in our lovely backyard more when it’s not mosquitos o’clock, and finishing the book I’m reading. Continuing to kiss and squeeze my perfect baby girl.

This has been a lunchtime blog post. Back to work, for now…

P.S. Many photos of Morella can be found here, and I’ll keep adding to those of course.


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