commence witchery.

Okay, now is the part where we try spicy food and wine and walks and all those various witchy recipes to get labor going. Until we’re successful though, we’ve still got this baby:

I know I have absolutely no room to complain, and I’ve had a really easy pregnancy. Tomorrow’s my due date, and I only started wishing for the baby to come in the past few days. But in truth, I think I can say I’m officially over it. I’m uncomfortable, I’m all puffed up, I’m breaking out, I’m a zillion degrees, I’m down to one pair of shoes I can manage to shove my feet into (or “flesh blocks,” as my friend Kate calls them on her hilarious blog about being pregnant with triplets — seriously — read this blog), my hands have checked out and gone on a carpal tunnel “vacation,” and and my knees are mutinying against all this weight gain and stress.

So last night we went to Magpie, my favorite restaurant at the moment, and I enjoyed a nice, leisurely meal and a glass of wine. Afterward came a frustrating Target trip where no shoe would accommodate my foot, and I do mean no shoe. Except for ones that are just too long and would leave 3″ of shoe hanging off the end of my heel. I even lowered myself to trying on flip-flops to no avail. I had a good night’s sleep though, and was able to fall back to sleep promptly all 47 times that I woke up in the night.

This morning I woke up to what I think the internet calls “light contractions,” which basically just feel like cramps. I figured they could go away or take forever to build in intensity, so I went to work as usual and had a good, productive day. I kept loose track of the contractions and they were fluctuating anywhere from 30 to 15 minutes apart, and not really getting stronger. After work I had a little wine during a very pleasant happy hour at Pasture with people from Tumblr, RVANews, and Mobelux, and as soon as I sat down at home the contractions came a bit faster — about 7 minutes apart for 3 or 4 iterations. I added some more things to our hospital bags just in case, had more wine, and walked around the block, but now they’re back to about 20 minutes apart. So oh well. I’m going to eat a little something and hit the sack. Things will happen when they happen. In the meantime, at least I have an oblivious cat to love and some very excited and helpful family, friends, and coworkers to keep me going.


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