purple dragons.

More busy days at work, more yardwork at home, more trying to make it out to as many new restaurants as possible before we have a third party to lug around. The backyard is looking a hundred times better, even approaching the point of an acceptable space to entertain in. I’m ready for the baby to come, but not too anxious for her to come before we have this yard done.

Last night we had a little bit of excitement on that front though. After dinner at Mekong, we headed to the grocery store to pick up a few things. On the way I felt some crampiness and thought “Hey maybe something’s happening.” But it was vague enough for me not to mention it. It continued off and on through the grocery store though, and it kind of hurt but when Dan asked if I was okay I just wanted to continue shopping and get the errands over with. By the time we were on our way home it was more intense, with lower back pain thrown in for good measure. All that being said, I had spent about 11 hours gardening earlier and was probably in all kinds of pain related to that. I said “When we get home I’ll drink a big glass of water and see if the contractions stop.” I did so, tried to relax for a little while in front of an episode of The Office with Dan bringing me a bowl of ice cream, and by the time we were in bed they were gone and I was able to sleep through most of the night. So, nothing more than a little practice session, I guess. But it’s still crazy to go to bed thinking “I could wake up in full-blown labor” and “this could have been my last day of life not in charge of a small person.” I don’t know why this is startling to me. I keep thinking “Oh she wouldn’t come before the yard is done, would she?” But obviously an unborn child has no concept of how many more rows of shade plants there are still left to fix in neat rows before her arrival.


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