enjoying it.

Everything from the last post still applies, except the bricklaying is done (more about that here) and we’re ready to plant. We went to the Great Big Greenhouse tonight to nitpick over varieties of boxwoods, and Dan is going to go back Saturday morning to pick up the amount we need and plant them while I work my weekend shift. If weather allows all of that to get done, we’ll probably finish planting and mulching the few remaining spots of the yard on Sunday.

The photo above is from a Polaroid we took for the photo guestbook at Michael and Melissa’s wedding, which was on a very hot and lovely afternoon at Pocahontas State Park. The bride was beautiful and they seem super happy together. It was  encouraging to hang out with some couples we don’t see too often, and see them surrounded by their kids but  having no problem enjoying the event. There’s so much negativity out there about the stereotype of having kids and then “life is over” or whatever, so it’s just nice to go out and see our friends totally owning that whole thing and remember “Oh yeah, that stereotype doesn’t have to be true.”

Yesterday evening I had a really nice time out with my workBFFs. Marc was in town from Switzerland, and we all headed over to the Roosevelt to drink drinks, eat pimento cheese, and get a daiquiri-making lesson from T. We always have such a good time together, and I feel like I could spend way more hours talking with my coworkers than I ever get to. As far as actual work goes, things are hectic. Obviously I’m trying to prepare for being on leave, and trying to wrap up projects and make sure everything can run without me for a few weeks. I feel good about those efforts but more stuff keeps popping up that I want to work on, and I know that at some point I just have to let it go and let others step up to take care of it.

As far as being almost 9 months pregnant goes, I’m still feeling generally uncomfortable, but the past three days or so have been a little better. Probably the more time I have to recover from yardwork-heavy weekends, the better. Carpal tunnel hasn’t been getting super bad until 3am or 4am, so at least I have some decent continuous sleep before that. At Centering Pregnancy today we talked about what to do in semi-weird labor situations, and people got Tdap shots (I already had mine), and we started watching The Happiest Baby on the Block. I scheduled an appointment for next Thursday (my due date!) because I could definitely still be pregnant by then, and the midwives will want to see me. There’s a good chance I will be going to this appointment, since first-time moms tend to go overdue.

I miss a lot of things about not being pregnant, like running and rollercoasters and WHISKY and sushi, but I’m trying to stop and cherish these last few days of this experience. I can’t think of any other way to describe it than just a sweet time for us. During the little moments of down-time where we’re getting ready for bed at night or sitting at the kitchen island eating toast in the morning, we’re talking about the baby and wondering what she’ll be like and just dreaming together in general. I think that rarely in your life do you have such a period of specific anticipation, so there’s something really singular about it. It’s cool to finally be at this place where all the practical planning / supply-getting / arrangement-making is done and we’re just kind of waiting. Waiting is probably something I don’t do enough of in life; I’ve eradicated or outsourced it away from myself by any means necessary (and of course I’m much more efficient for it), but calmly waiting is probably a skill that everybody could use a dose of now and then. So a little waiting, and intentional quiet and togetherness and wonder and probably a whole lot of other cheesy FEELINGS…I’m enjoying it. A lot.


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