of cumberbatch and contingencies.

Friday night: dinner at Fat Dragon finally, which was amazing. I hadn’t heard anything good about the food, but it was really delicious. I had the mussels, and though I love regular ol’ mussels in a butter / wine sauce, these included a soy-based sauce and greens and were just different and tasty. Dan had a fried flounder special that was spicy and full of paprika. The portion was huge, too — all four of us there had some of it, and it fed both Dan and I for lunch the next day.

Afterward we saw Star Trek: Into Darkness, for which we were joined by K. Whi. More impressive action and more Benedict Cumberbatch! I enjoyed.

The annual Church Hill Yard Sale at Libby Hill Park was kind of subdued by rain on Saturday morning, but I went anyway and got a maternity tunic for $1.00. Then I helped Dan with some yard work, but we got rained out. Dan and Lianna helped hang the finishing touches in the nursery (the bunting and mobile for over the crib, pictured above with more photos here), and then we went to Portrait House for an early dinner. The only thing that could have overshadowed their great decor, pizza, and dipping sauces (you know my life revolves around condiments) was one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. Need more asap. This was followed by running like 42 errands with Dan, including getting supplies for the birthing tub at the hospital. Being up and about that much in one day made me feel like I was going to keel over at any second, but I’m glad it all got done.

Sunday: more yard work. It’s coming along out there, foreal. Plus Dan is finding all sorts of fun artifacts in his own personal archaeological dig site, which I delightedly clean off in the sink and put in the curiosity cabinet.

Later we went to church for the last ever service in the building at Beth Ahabah, as we’re moving to Grace Covenant soon. It was bittersweet — I love that we don’t have to meet in a specific place to exist, but I will miss the temple and all it has meant to me over the past several years.

Afterward, dinner and Five Straight (our family’s favorite board game, though really I stink at it) and talking about family contingency plans for the zombie apocalypse at my parents’ house.

This blog isn’t about work, but this week we got some huge news: Tumblr has been acquired by Yahoo. I don’t have much information about what the future holds honestly, beyond what the Staff blog post shares, but I’m certainly excited that this will allow us to keep tumbling on with better resources than ever, and I’m delighted to work with the Yahoo team (and in other news, I love the new look of Flickr!). Because of the news, this week has been a bit of a whirlwind and I’ve been pretty immersed in work…but still managing to get the chores and a few lingering baby to-dos done.

This has been a lunch break blog post. Now back to the grind…


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