strange movements.

The news on the video camera effort from last time is that the thing won’t even turn on, so I guess that’s a no-go. It’s very old but in lovely shape and barely ever used, I think it literally just may be too old to charge. Giant bummer. But I did use iMovie for the first time ever to edit this cell phone video of my belly freaking out, so here’s my underwhelming foray into the video world.

I’ve been on evening rotation this week so I’m pretty exhausted — Friday mornings are always tough after working until 10pm the past several nights. Wednesday morning I had a great yoga practice and felt pretty energetic afterward. Yesterday morning I had another doctor’s appointment (these things are happening weekly now), which went fine though I’ve been put on a zillion milligrams of evening primrose plus four cups of raspberry leaf tea per day. In addition to the other 43 vitamins I’m taking every day. Congratulations, me. I am now essentially a limp bag of flesh and bones, being held up by vitamins. Ah, the dignity of being pregnant! I feel like this stuff is all fighting a giant battle in my stomach, but I’ll choke them all down for these last few weeks and hope for the best. Because the professionals said so.

Afterward I had a nice lunch with Ted at Aziza’s, then headed back home to survey the baby birds growing in the nest on our front door, make some potato salad for later, and start my work shift. Tonight we have a date after work, so it’ll be nice to be out and about before a weekend that I suspect will be full of yardwork.

More nursery decor pics coming soon to a blog near you, as soon as I hang up one of the last things I was waiting to arrive in the mail.


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