This rose tree I bought last year did not do well, and though I moved it to a better spot, I thought it was pretty much dead. But now it’s in full bloom. Such a cheering sight.

So much has been getting done, and the stress has really just ebbed away as I feel more “ready” for the baby to come. The current list:

– getting remaining essential baby supplies
– baby shower thank-you notes
– rearrange kitchen cabinets so I can put away baby milk / food supplies we got at the shower
– make or buy some bunting or something cute for the bare nursery wall by the crib
– make a packing list and pack the suitcase to bring to the hospital
– make a vet appointment for Sophie
– paint nails, avoid looking like a hobo clown
– take pics of vintage baby clothes
– make City Group main dish ahead of time
set up video baby monitor
do thank-you notes for additional gifts received this week
take Sophie to the vet
add more small wire shelves within existing kitchen cabinets to create more levels / space
disassemble, wash, and put away baby bottling supplies
take photos of bar, edit them, and post
run errands, including picking up stuff we need for the hospital
pack more stuff in our hospital bags
organize baby clothes in size-appropriate piles
regular household chores that somehow still need to get done when all of this is going on
– learn how to use Dan’s little video camera so I can take videos of the baby
– finish book I’m reading so I don’t jeopardize the Nook I’m borrowing from Lianna for the rest of her life

I’ve been managing to get all of that done without too much grief for my feet, though my knee does hurt again today after too much time spent running around yesterday.

Even though Dan finished his project with the bar mirrors and I’ve been taking care of everything listed above, the real hero of this week is Sophie. She had a really stellar day yesterday. She rode to the vet without too much of a fuss, let me carry her in without much squirming (I decided to just wrap her in a towel after the nightmare of cramming her into a carrier last time), calmed down in the exam room and didn’t freak out when the vet examined her, and got all the way out of the vet’s office and back home without a freakout. We’ve also been trying to get her to use the electronic cat door that Dan installed for her, but she’s been really confused about it and has only gone in and out of it with a bunch of coaxing. But when we got back from the vet yesterday, she hopped out of the car and I gathered my things up and started calling her, expecting her to follow me inside. But when I finally got inside she was already in there — she had run around to the back of the house and came in via her personal door. Then later I saw her go in and out of the door twice on her own. So she’s figuring it out steadily. She’s got a fresh supply of asthma pills, she gets fed with her automatic timed bowl, and she gets in and out of the house via her tiny door. She’s been such a trooper with all this change and I’m super glad that her needs are taken care of so she’s not screaming for stuff when the baby is here.

Here she is riding home from the vet in the baby seat.

Other, non-to-do-list things that have been going on:

On Thursday we toured the labor & delivery unit at VCU with our pregnancy group, and I feel like I know a bit more about what to expect now. It was good to get a feel for where everything is, and for what happens in what sequence when you get to the hospital. People asked lots of good questions and I got some more ideas about stuff to bring with us, etc.

Friday morning I had a pile of gifts on my desk from coworkers, including the video baby monitor I’ve been pretty excited about. 🙂 Friday evening some of us toured Blue Bee Cider, and we learned a ton about cider-making and were allowed to climb into this big tub with the apple-destroying equipment. Awesome.

Saturday night Beth was in town and we went to the Roosevelt and then had drinks at home, catching up about all things nerdy and having a marvelous time as always. While we were sitting out on the front porch with Dan and Tom, a storm brewed and the wind and lightning were delightful until the rain drove us inside. I always love the first thunderstorm of the year. Beth spent the night and we got to hang out a little more before she left in the morning. I miss her all the time but I’m so thankful for friendships like these that are easy to pick up where we left off.

Sunday was Mother’s Day and we did a picnic brunch at Maymont with Mom, Megan, and Pete. Everything was delicious but I was particularly proud of my raspberry trifle, which will probably be a go-to dessert from now on. After we ate we took a nice, long stroll around the park and it only took me 9000 years to climb the steps back up to parking-lot-level. NBD. Later we went to the Sweet Frog in Oregon Heights, which is blessedly free of rude, pushy children, and I was informed that my baby bump “counts” and so I was given a Mother’s Day discount. Whoa! Totally not expecting that. Back at home I was also not expecting Dan to surprise me with a sweet card, hilarious Safe Baby Handling Tips book, and some framed ultrasound pics. Then we went to the Savory Grain for dinner, which was good, unrushed, and very relaxing. And we capped it all off by seeing The Great Gatsby with Megan and Pete. I think I had such high hopes for the movie that it never could have lived up to them. But visually it was really cool, and of course the dresses and accessories were exciting the entire time. But I think the movie doesn’t let you slowly figure out what’s happening the way that Nick does in the book; rather it bangs you over the head with the obviousness of it all, right out of the gate. I like the sort of creeping realizations that Fitzgerald accomplishes for the reader and kind of wish the movie would have allowed for that as well. A lot was said out loud that should have been left implied, etc. It almost starts you out from a point of being suspicious of and disliking characters like Gatsby and Daisy, when it should have first made you fall in love with them, obviously. But anyway, diamonds! Parties! Champagne! It’s worth seeing.

Yesterday I took Sophie to the vet, then ran errands, put stuff away, and did a mountain of chores. Last night Dan finished installing the mirrors for the dining room bar, and they look great. More about that on the Shebaylo Times. I’m glad to have all the barware put back where it lives, of course.

Okay, I’m off to mess around with this video camera and see if I can figure out how to work it.


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