i know you’re a cannonball.

As predicted the past couple of nights have indeed been full of rapid list-destroying, but of course for every two tasks I complete I think of another one to add to the list.

That being said, one of tonight’s tasks was quick and quite a pleasure to do: take photos of a few vintage baby dresses we’ve accumulated.

Pwecious, right? I love the details on these two colorful dresses, which came from Through the Garden Gate.

This last one was a baby shower gift and it came from Bygones. The bonnet is fierce.

These plus the ridiculous quantity of baby clothes we’ve been given have resulted in a downright scandalously sized collection. It doesn’t look that crazy in this picture, but these are JUST the dresses. The rest is crammed into those drawers. Overall I think there are almost 100 garments. We have bought a grand total of 2 of those garments. Crazy! Even Sophie is judging us.

Last night we also hung the rest of the art on the walls, but there is still one thing missing so I’ll wait to post pictures of entire walls. I’m really loving one thing we received as a gift from Sarah, a framed copy of the hymnal music for my favorite hymn.

So, back to sheer productivity. This is what the list looks like now.

getting remaining essential baby supplies
baby shower thank-you notes
rearrange kitchen cabinets so I can put away baby milk / food supplies we got at the shower
make or buy some bunting or something cute for the bare nursery wall by the crib
make a packing list and pack the suitcase to bring to the hospital
make a vet appointment for Sophie
paint nails, avoid looking like a hobo clown
take pics of vintage baby clothes
make City Group main dish ahead of time
– learn how to use Dan’s little video camera so I can take videos of the baby
– finish book I’m reading so I don’t jeopardize the Nook I’m borrowing from Lianna for the rest of her life
– regular household chores that somehow still need to get done when all of this is going on

Progress. Progress. I ought to do chores now but after a couple of hours of lasagna-making so that I don’t have to rush through it tomorrow night, my feet are currently in no shape to get back up and do chores. So I’m going to work on reading that book now…


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