it matters.

It really has been a great trip. Here’s the view from the roof of the Scholastic building after UserConf today.

Last night I met up with Karen and Talia at the Meatball Shop and had an amazing dinner. It was so nice to catch up with those two and seriously, those meatballs. What a simple and delicious concept. Meatballs, served any way you can possibly want, with veggie options, various sauces, various sides, etc. etc. What a comforting night. I also really enjoyed walking through Chelsea and exploring the neighborhood a bit on this warm spring night.


Sign outside of a menswear shop.

Our pre-dinner dessert at Billy’s Bakery.

photo by Karen!

UserConf today was probably the best conference I’ve ever been to. Hours of inspiration and practical ideas for support, and it all zipped along so quickly and in such an upbeat fashion. I was still tired by the end of the day, but it’s amazing how they kept the energy going for such a long time. And of course just being around people who are in the same jobs we’re in and facing the same challenges we’re facing was therapeutic.

Later Jim and I had a nice, leisurely dinner at Tre Stelle, which capped off our hectic trip perfectly. We’ll be back on the train early tomorrow morning, and I can’t wait to get home.


2 thoughts on “it matters.

  1. hey, i know that roof! i worked at the alliance for young artists and writers when i was in new york. our office was right at the top of the escalator on the left on the second floor of the scholastic building. 🙂

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