amazing babywonderland.

The baby shower was incredible.

After brunch and a little antiquing with Mandy, we walked into the house and saw that the place had been transformed into a magical baby wonderland, with flowers everywhere and a growing pile of gifts and treats a-go-go and a parasol suspended from the parlor ceiling, trailing flowers and twirling in the breeze. There were fruity drinks with striped straws and baby-themed temporary tattoos and candies that Mom made out of Lifesavers that looked like pacifiers and advice cards to fill out and add to a little “tree” on the mantel. There were tiny cakes and a yogurt bar and of course, chips and dips. For favors there were heart-shaped lavender seed bombs and a cooler full of pickles made by our friends at Cair Paravel Farm. And the best part was that the house soon filled up with people I love, and I kind of wandered around in a haze, eating sugary things and admiring my friends’ dresses. I opened gifts for what seemed like hours because of the overwhelming generosity of everyone, chirping out my possibly-annoying commentary on every gift as I went. We got so many beautiful things and I’m embarrassed to report that my unborn daughter now has more clothes and accessories than I do. After most people had left, my family and a few friends cleaned up most of the mess, and then took a break to play a game that Mom devised that involved baby-related puns and candy bar names — which, as far as baby shower games go, was the best one I’ve ever played. When everything was clean and everyone had gone, I moved quietly around downstairs putting things away and lighting some candles and feeling very loved.

Later I made dinner and the Artzes (who were staying the night) joined us, and Lianna came back over as well. Just some roasted veggies and pasta, and good friends around the dining table. The perfect end to a beautiful but tiring day.

Sunday morning we got up and had a big breakfast that included some delicious sausage fresh from the farm, and went through all the gifts removing packaging and tags and such so that the items could all be put away.

Then I went to a 1920s-influenced wedding-themed photo shoot for Christine’s burgeoning wedding planning business, and pranced around with the usual suspects in period garb around the John Marshall ballroom. You know, just a regular Sunday for us. Afterward we headed to the new Era warehouse to check out Diana’s new digs and current midcentury gems for sale. The theme of my 20s was “going to shows and art openings to support all of my obnoxiously creative friends” and I guess the theme of my 30s will be “going to events in support of my obnoxiously motivated friends’ various small businesses.” 😀 Then it was back to the house for a late lunch, and Dan and I tried to put the nursery back together as much as we could before my family came over and we all went to Bottom’s Up for pizza.

Besides all the external love and excitement around me, as much as I try to vaporize it by not acknowledging it I think the unpleasant part of pregnancy is here. I’m having quite a bit of knee trouble now and my legs / feet in general are just not stoked on life, and I think last night I finally experienced my first non-Cure-related wild mood swing. This basically means that I started weeping uncontrollably and could barely catch my breath enough to explain to Dan that I wasn’t really sure why I was crying.

This morning was gray and uncheerful, and this unsinkable morning person had a hard time getting up. I hobbled in to the office and kind of zombied through my day, and had very little energy for my last tutoring session with Harmony. She kept asking me a bunch of questions that were hard to answer (like “what are ancestors?”) and which elicited even more questions (like “what the heck is evolution?”). But eventually she reluctantly read a bit with me, and of course lit up like a firefly when I told her I had brought her a gift. She snatched the bag (full of markers, light-up jelly bracelets, temporary tattoos, and other such things) and ran off gleefully down the street. I hope that’s not the last time I ever see her but if it is, it’s probably quite fitting. ❤


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