the dappled greys.

Saturday morning Dan and I went to WPA for a quick breakfast treat, which was nice because usually I go there alone or with other friends. I think of it almost exclusively as a day-off thing that I’ll do on comp days or whatever and follow it up with a solo walk.

Then Dan headed off to collect some bricks for the backyard project he’s about to embark on, and I headed to Ashland Berry Farm to scope out possible shade plants we could get. I realized on the way there that I’ve been to their haunted hayride a bunch of times but I had never been there during the day. It’s really beautiful out there — so many glimpses of picturesque fields and houses and such every time you come around a bend. I didn’t see much I liked as far as plants go but I picked up some herbs and took a nice walk around the grounds.

Since I was already out that way, obviously I needed to stop by Class and Trash. There was actually a particular chair I wanted to look at there, but I wasn’t sure I was entirely in love with it so I didn’t get it. Saw lots of other things I wanted but wasn’t sure about, so I just left empty-handed. I had better luck at Through the Garden Gate though, where I picked up an old piece of linen to serve as a makeshift tablecloth for the parlor and some adorable teeny-tiny little girls’ dresses. I hadn’t bought any clothes for the baby myself because I kept thinking “we’ll have way too many baby clothes anyway, and if I start buying them now it’ll just get ridiculous fast.” And I figured I’d find some real gems for cheap if I picked around at antique / thrift stores and waited to find only the best things that simply screamed out at me, which was true.

After more errands at Target I raced home, put everything away, and headed to a hair appointment with Karen. It’s always so relaxing to have my hair cut by her; I really look forward to it. This time I begged her to take some of the weight out of my hair because it had gotten unbearable and felt like a huge weight on the top of my head, and she did a great job. I’ve got some layers and everything feels way lighter now. I’m like “so this is what normal hair is like.” Apparently as she was sweeping up, the apprentice commented that she couldn’t believe how much hair was on the floor and how much hair was still on my head. Welcome to my life.

After this my feet were killing me and I felt like doom, so I think I just had a quiet night at home.

Sunday I worked, and then Dan and I took a long walk to Bottom’s Up and got some pizza. It was really fun and relaxing for everyone involved except for my knees. You see how the achiness is creeping into my life despite my best efforts to keep it out? But I really can’t complain; I feel mostly amazing.

Monday was a comp day and of course I filled it with a zillion to-dos. Went to Strange’s to check out their gardening selection, and actually saw a ton of shade plants that we will probably go back and get soon. I love visiting nurseries but I think it’s best that I do this alone, so that I can walk up and down every aisle and pluck out every little info tab and read about every plant and just be as slow and annoying as I want. If anybody is there and rushing me along I’m like “There’s too much information, I’M OVERWHELMED!” I have to take it slowly. So this is why I have to run errands alone, if there are actual objectives involved. If I don’t really have anything that needs to get done I’m delightful to run errands with. Unless I’m hungry.

Next I went to the craft store to get RIT dye and to Shades of Light to visit Kathryn at work, where she showed me all around the store and I was impressed by both her knowledge of lighting options and the selection there. Don’t get me wrong, shopping there can get very expensive very fast, but it’s a beautiful showroom and walking through it and talking about which fixtures we liked and why was a good solid Tess n’ Kathryn activity. I’m glad she’s back!

Then I quickly breezed through West End Antiques Mall looking for a few things on my antiques list and not really finding them. Finally, I went to Little Mexico to meet Dan for lunch (dollar tacos on Mondays, y’all). It’s always nice to get to see him in the middle of a workday.

Back at home, it was time to tackle a mountain of other tasks. I dyed the little tablecloth I had gotten at TTGG and put it on the coffee table. I can’t decide if it’s an improvement or not, but the color turned out nicely. I did laundry and all the other weekly chores and I don’t remember what else.

For the rest of the week I was on evening rotation so there was a lot of smushing everything into the mornings / early afternoons before work. Tuesday I cleaned up the nursery some and got it ready for some photos, then lunched at Johnson’s Southern Comfort with Jim and Thomas (food was decent, atmosphere was abysmal). Wednesday I had a super hectic morning trying to get those herbs into the ground before I had to be at yoga (I was successful), but I had such a nice, calming yoga practice that it leveled out the day. After changing clothes I went to a Common Good RVA meeting, then to the office, meetings and meetings, then Mekong for a farewell dinner for some folks from this office that are moving up to NY. Home exhausted to finish out the evening shift.

Yesterday morning I went out for more errands and groceries, baked some parmesan-scallion puff pastry pinwheels (amazing) which I’ll pull out tonight when we have guests over, hung up baby clothes, and put the new duvet on the nursery bed. I really wanted the nursery to be ready to receive a bunch of new stuff after my shower this weekend, so I’ve been scurrying around putting everything in its place in there. I blogged about the woodwork that Dan did and all the other progress over at the Shebaylo Times if you want more details, and there are a zillion more pictures of the nursery here.

After that I started work early since I had a Centering Pregnancy meeting, which was fine but kind of awkward as usual. We “made” socks with uncooked rice in them, which can be placed around your neck or used as a bolster for your back to soothe achiness. Actually they work quite well. Yesterday marked 33 / 40 weeks, and everything looks good with the baby’s progress. Head is still down, belly is still getting huger all the time. We watched a terrifying video about supposed “relaxation techniques” during labor but there was nothing relaxing about it. I’m excited for the next session because we’ll get to tour the labor & delivery area and see where we’re actually giving birth. Whoa.

Speaking of all of this getting very real, tomorrow is my baby shower. Whoa whoa whoa!


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