and the winner is.

Yesterday after work a few of us headed over to the 2nd annual i.e. Start-Up Competition, an event that Tumblr sponsors. A bunch of local startups compete for a grand prize of $10k and a peoples’ choice award of $2500. Jim and I introduced i.e.’s new Tumblr blog onstage, which was a lot of fun. And it was just neat to see all the entrepreneurial energy in Richmond and the incredible ideas these people have for providing services that are clearly needed. I saw merit in pretty much every single presentation, but my favorites were The Storytellers Channel, RVAFarms, Speakeasy, Tumbleweed, Richmond Food Co-op, and HourWise. Some of these guys had fantastic ideas, and you can read a super-short synopsis about each of them here. Speakeasy ended up winning the grand prize, with Dragon Grips winning the peoples’ choice award. All of this promising news about creativity and innovation in Richmond, plus cheese and wine and nerdy conversation? It was a good night.


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