pirate crossword.

This is me valiantly trying to update more often. 🙂 Yesterday was a nice day off. I was pretty tired from a long day of work on Saturday and then a pretty sluggish (for some reason) Sunday. But I started the day with a cardio/strength workout, took care of a bunch of to-dos online (including updating some of my Foursquare lists to include more places I want to go — read: historical sites), took a walk around Chimborazo and did some stair-stepping, and raked the entire backyard. Then I went to CHAT and tried to keep Harmony focused on reading, succeeded for a very little while, and then watched her do her math work via the interactive site her class uses. Back at home, I did a little sewing project — just turning an old t-shirt into a tiny dress for the baby. It’s pretty cute, no? Then I made some mac n’ cheese for Dan and I and we watched a couple of episodes of The Office from like two years ago because we’re way, way behind.

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