sleepy spring.

Spring has finally sprung in earnest. You can’t tell it from the trees along the riverbank in this picture from Lianna and I’s walk home from work last Friday, but you can tell it from the cherry blossoms along Clay and the view from Chimborazo Park.

In pregnancy news, I’m 7 months along, and we survived our childbirth class at VCU Stony Point last Saturday, or as I call it, “6 hours of awkwardness.” I was glad to get it all done and out of the way in one day, and it was really no huge chore. But I think because instructors feel like they need to get people up and moving and “engaged” in the lessons, they end up kind of treating you like small children and doing stuff like playing name games and blowing bubbles when actually you’re adults who just want to learn how to give birth. I did learn some things though, and I feel like I know a bit more about what to expect when I go into labor. Also, we watched that Bill Cosby stand-up routine about natural childbirth, which is always hilarious. At the end we all got these super legit certificates, so you KNOW we must be prepared.

We got out of the class kind of early so Dan and I went to Babies ‘R Us and looked around for a while. Dan parked in the “reserved parking for expectant moms” space, which was amusing. That’s the first time during pregnancy I’ve used one of those spaces. I think I just don’t remember that they exist, and I also feel like I really don’t need to be 20 steps closer to the store entrance than everyone else. But who knows, maybe I’ll feel differently by month 8.5.

I went to Centering Pregnancy class again on Thursday, which was about 9000 times more awkward than it had been the last time. There are several girls in the class who you can tell just do NOT want to be there, and that makes it super weird when others are mega excited to be there and the facilitator is trying to get everyone to participate, etc. So some people are sitting with their arms folded all smacking their lips, and some are like “I have a funny pregnancy story to share!” and I’m just kind of taking it all in. It’s good to hear from the midwife about really practical advice and what kinds of stuff we should be doing to get ready, and this week we watched a breastfeeding video which was really great because that’s one area I’m totally clueless in.

On Thursday night there was a food truck court at Hardywood to benefit Sub Rosa, and it was fun and crowded and pretty much all of Richmond was there. We met up with our City Group peeps and had a good time together as we always do. See our enthused faces below. I tried the Chupacabras taco truck, which was pretty good, and had some of Dan’s Pizza Tonight pizza, as well as a strawberry sundae from Mister Softee. I’m so much more excited about soft serve than I’ve ever been before in my life. I actually borrowed cash from two different people just to get it. And it was glorious.

The photographer that I mentioned in my last post who used me as a model for her tarot-themed shoot posted the photos this week, and below is the least somber-looking one from the bunch. It’s the one I feel most like myself in, anyway. She was really pleased with the photos, and I was just happy to oblige since they needed a pregnant lady and I am indeed pregnant and always up for a walk around Maymont.

This has been a good week but the absolute best part of it was seeing the Fun Size reunion at Strange Matter last Saturday night. Dan ended up being too tired to go, but I rallied and pushed myself out the door and somehow managed to stay up until 1:30am. Saw lots of people from the high school days, did some catching up, got a kiss on the cheek and a belly rub from James, and screamed my lungs out during their set. The previous reunion at Alley Katz was great, don’t get me wrong, but there was just something about seeing them on the old Twisters stage again that was magical. I felt like some part of my 16-year-old-self came back, just for a little while. So glad Fun Size is back and making music again, and most importantly, having fun — which is why we all started going to shows in the first place.


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