of stroopwafels and doppelgängers.

This has been a week of melting snow and sunny skies, and weird words all around.

High points of the past week —

  • Quality vampire time. Welp, I’ve been pretty much watching The Vampire Diaries every spare moment during the past few days. It finally came up in my queue of teen dramas to immerse myself in, and I was particularly stoked for this one because Ian Somerhalder stars in it (and I’ve been a fan since the first episode of Lost — nevermind that he’s Dan’s age; he’s in this teen drama and he’s KILLING IT, okay?!). It was a little slow starting but now I’m hooked. It’s got all the stuff I love about both melodramatic TV and vampires, and it’s even set in the fictional town of “Mystic Falls, Virginia.” Lulz. Insert Joker-style, long-winded cackle here. So, doing laundry? Vampire Diaries. Chores around the house? Vampire Diaries. Painting nails in bed? Vampire Diaries. My laptop is tired of following me around everywhere, but soon I’ll exhaust all the episodes and go back to reading for a while. I have a bad feeling that when I run out of episodes though, the post-vampire-drama bereavement hangover is going to be even worse than it was with Twilight. Gulp.

  • Dinner at Dutch & Co with Brandi. Had a beautiful time  at dinner at one of Church Hill’s newest dining destinations, just catching up. I made a point to save room for stroopwafel, the most amazing, crunchy, light little cookie in the universe. Here’s me with my precious dessert.
  • Zucchini lasagna it is. Had another round of lasagna-making for the latest City Church couple to have a baby — this time, the Hadens. I really don’t mind making it because every time I make some for another family, I make a pan of it for us. And that stuff is good.
  • Bowling with work. We took a nice work outing to Sunset Lanes for some bowling and some bidding farewell to Cat. I like bowling. Uncomplicated, doesn’t require a change of clothes, involves pizza and beer. Interestingly, the lady who’s 6 months pregnant won the game. Okay, I just sucked less than everyone else. But still.
  • Moving the Fishers. Actually I wasn’t much help moving, but I hung out with the baby for a little while and ran an errand. They’re all moved into a huge house on the southside and judging from the sidewalk, it looks like they picked a great neighborhood.

  • Gardening. Got a chance to finally add some color to our sad front porch. These insanely bright purple flowers were $3 at Lowe’s. Boom.

  • Photo shoot. I was asked to play the “empress” character for a portrait series that a friend of a friend is doing based on tarot cards. We went to Maymont, I got to wear a crown, and I spent more than 5 minutes in the sun. Crazy!.

This isn’t really a “highlight” of the week — kind of the opposite actually. But two nights ago there was a fire at Sub Rosa, and the bakery is shut down until they can make repairs to un-condemn the building. I was feeling glum about it but this neighborhood has really rallied around them. Support has flowed in from all sides, and people have raised $10,000 in about a day to help with the recovery. So with that in mind, hopefully they should be up and running again soon and the bakery district will be back in tact.

In the meantime, here are a couple of photos from another part of the bakery district from a couple of weeks ago: Proper Pie.



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