spring, spring, and back to snow again.

It snowed a very beautiful snow yesterday and this morning (yes, at the end of March) and I’m stealing this lovely snow photo from Ross because I didn’t take one.

Well, this weekend was anything but relaxing (until the tail end). Got up mega early on Friday for sunrise yoga, finding that the entire student body of the class consisted only of Ian, Lianna, and I. 🙂 Champions!

Then I went to TEDxRVA, and had an awesome day. Hours of interesting talks and just general excitement. I did get the feeling that the organizer kind of decided to showcase all of his “friends” rather than actively looking around and picking speakers that would be best for Richmond, but this didn’t bother me all that much since everyone had something interesting to say. The highlights for me were:

  • Elew with his unorthodox and mindblowing piano skills
  • Dr. Ed Ayers with maps and history
  • Sheryl Connelly with her “futurist” career
  • VCU’s Dr. Stephen Fong with bacteria in the shape of Virginia
  • Deborah Adler talking about creativity with empathy in mind
  • Michael-Birch Pierce and his wonderful embroidered portraits

And it goes without saying that any time Thomas, Jim, and I can spend some time together outside of the office it’s always fun on a personal level and good to level-set on a professional level. So glad I have such supportive peers at work.

As enlightening as it was, Friday ended up being probably the hardest day of pregnancy so far though. I was just exhausted by lunchtime and wanted to lie down by mid-afternoon, but couldn’t because I was in the middle of a conference. 8:30am – 7pm is a long day, and by the end I was in some amount of pain from shifting back and forth feebly in hard plastic chairs all day. And of course it’s hard to stay open to new ideas when you’ve been pummeled with sensory overload, and it probably doesn’t help that I’m such an introvert.  When I got home I wanted to just go to bed but couldn’t because of Dan’s show, so I put my feet up and had some tea for about half an hour with Lianna, and then we headed out to Cous Cous for Tyler’s birthday. Eventually I walked over to Strange Matter to see the Blue Letter, then back to Cous Cous to distribute a couple of hugs owed to people. It was really good to see everybody (and to hear some good news like the fact that our friends bought a house in Oregon Hill), but I was very thankful for my bed when I got home.

In the morning there was no time to sleep in because I wanted to do some baking before the Irish Festival, which I did — producing two Irish soda breads from the same easy recipe I’ve used before.

I made one with regular raisins and one with golden, and I liked both of them. When the family got here we walked over to the Irish Festival and watched celtic dancing, ate some kettle corn, and saw people get their heads shaved for cancer research, until Dad got there. Then I was pleased to introduce everyone to their first taste of Proper Pie, which went over well. The highlight of the day was the amazing doughnut I had from Mrs. Yoder’s Doughnuts. I think these are the legendary “crack doughnuts” that people keep talking about from the South of the James farmer’s market, and they definitely live up to their reputation. Highly, highly recommended if you see their doughnut truck anywhere.

We mostly watched more music and I got progressively more tired and cranky and cold until we were able to leave. I always have a great time at the Irish Festival and I much prefer it to other, wilder events this time of year, but I was just tired this time. I shuffled home at an old lady’s pace, served tea to the family, and started watching Ruby Sparks but couldn’t finish it because of general achiness and exhaustion.

Sunday I had gotten a really great sleep so I felt much better and was very cheerful when we met up with Daniel and a bunch of other people for “brunch” (aka, what I call “late lunch”) at the Continental. Seriously their brunch menu is probably one of the best I’ve ever seen, though. I wanted almost everything on it, which just makes me want to go back to try other things. I also helped Liz finish her limeade, which was an exemplary specimen of a good old-fashioned Richmond limeade (unlike the one I’m holding in the picture above, which was just some ice water with a lime thrown half-heartedly into it). I’m not an expert on limeades but maybe I should become one. Duly added to to-do list.

Speaking of to-do list items, I think I’m switching from Google Reader to Feedly so that I’ll be ready when Readerpocalypse comes. Shout-out to Matt M. for pushing me to try it. It’s 100 times better than the Old Reader, kind of Flipboard-esque in design but super snappy and fast in function. We’ll see how it does over the next week or so as I get used to it.

Anyway, at brunch we were such a merry little band of chilly, hungry, scarved-up people…just chirping happily over our food while the hail pounded outside. I love my friends and I love being with them. And I’m thankful for a husband who offers to go get the car and pull it around to the restaurant entrance so I don’t have to slog through the weather too. After brunch we went to the grocery store and Dan put every single thing at the store into our cart which made us spend exactly five times as much as I usually spend when I go alone, but we had kind of a good time in an uncharacteristically unrushed grocery store trip. It started snowing on our way home, and while Dan napped I watched the snow and prepped some zucchini lasagna for Tuesday to take to some friends who just had a baby. Then Dan made parmesan-crusted tilapia, brocollini, and rice for dinner and we finished watching Ruby Sparks (it was good, watch it!), and capped the night off with a calm, relaxing bath and talking about the baby and the future. I said I wished all our nights were like this but Dan rightly pointed out that all our nights not being like this is what makes us appreciate it. True, true.

I feel 100% back to normal today as far as body-comfort goes, but even if pregnancy uncomfortableness comes back, I don’t care. I’m going to keep being sublimely happy anyway.


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