trimester 3/3.

photo by Jim!

Trimester 3 (28 weeks along) starts today. Party! This is the part where the honeymoon is supposedly over and you start to feel more achy and uncomfortable. Maybe I’m just used to hunching over a desk all day every day, but I don’t feel that uncomfortable yet. Mostly I feel fantastic.

This week’s been full of a lot of taking-care-of-business. Dropped my laptop off at CapitolMac on Monday to finally have the iSight camera repaired (and without my laptop around, actually spent a lot of time reading and relaxing on that rainy Monday comp day), tutored at CHAT, got around to some work projects I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, signed up for some yoga classes in Church Hill, found out I do not have gestational diabetes (yay!) but that I have low hemoglobin and need to take a supplement (okay), had an eye appointment this morning.

In preparation for the Blue Letter show this weekend, Silas has flown up from Florida and is our house guest this week. So glad that the nursery is getting some regular use as a guest room before it becomes a baby palace and guest accommodations have to move to the office.

It turned out that the fussy little gentleman I mentioned from Sunday night was getting over the stomach flu, which is the first thing I thought of when I woke up in the middle of Monday night feeling awful. By Tuesday morning it had gotten worse, and though I tried to do some yoga it only lasted for a few minutes before I was really sick. Also I wasn’t hungry, and if you know me you know that means I am REALLY SICK. I thought “Oh great, I have a zillion things going on this week and I’m going to get sick right in the middle of it.” But I pulled it together, took some medicine, powered through work, ate some broth, and felt not really sick but just exhausted by the end of the day. I came home from work and got right into bed, worked from my laptop in bed for a few hours, then had an awesome sleep and felt fine yesterday morning. So, all systems go. Resume totally normal, bizarrely uneventful pregnancy.

Last night I went to dinner at Little Mexico with Dan and Silas, then to a craft night at Sarah’s house where I crocheted a tiny baby hat. Ta-da.

Next week Dan should be able to focus on some house projects and tying up loose ends before the baby onslaught begins. One thing recently completed is that all the extraneous Dan-overflow has been removed from the nursery closet, so we can use that space for actually storing the baby’s things. He moved a bunch of music equipment from the nursery and the attic into his practice space, and we got rid of some stuff too. So he was then able to build some shelves in the attic and organize stuff so that you can get to it easily and space is freed up for…more stuff. I don’t want to continue accumulating more stuff, but I think that may be partly inevitable because babies have so much gear. That being said, we’re trying to decline unnecessary baby gear as much as possible.

I posted about the attic shelves project over on the Shebaylo Times if you want details on that.

This week is brought to you by the letters L-I-A-N-N-A, because Lianna has given me rides to work and everywhere else while Silas has been borrowing the TesSUV.


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