seeing the everyday.

Here is a typical sight that greets me in the master bathroom.

It doesn’t get more “everyday life” than that, folks.

Speaking of everyday life, that’s something I kind of miss from the blogosphere these days. I’m not saying I want things to hearken all the way back to LJ / Xanga times, but I do miss reading the more journal-style blogs that were around back then. And I also miss having a more detailed record of my own life, though I’m making at least a feeble attempt to get that going again here. I know that focused, thematic blogs can be entertaining and to-the-point and have certainly taken the world by storm, but I miss seeing regular “here’s what I did today” posts. Nobody journals anymore because they think it’s not what people want to read, and maybe they’re right. Most people probably realize that it’s prudent to do some curation and show the most important or best moments rather than have readers slog through everything. But I don’t know. I kind of want to slog through everything. I think that’s how we best get to know people through the internet, and understand on some level what their essence is. Less of this “cropping out the sadness” thing that Portlandia alludes to, and more of really knowing someone through all the things that make up their life, both mundane and exciting. Perhaps ironically, I think this is why I’ve really enjoyed Instagram since it finally became available on Android. For a few people it’s a slickly-produced commercial for how beautiful they are, but for almost everybody I follow it seems to be a more stream-of-consciousness collection of whatever struck them as share-worthy that day. So I end up seeing the everyday in my friends’ lives, and ultimately, that‘s what I’m interested in. With so many people I love so spread out all over the place, it’s hard to stay connected. Of course I hear about major life events, but what am I really missing? I’m missing the everyday. The commonplace. The stuff that makes up 99% of their real life. And through Instagram, I’m able to recapture a little bit of that. So I welcome the seemingly insignificant parts of their day — the images of food, of the view out their window, of their feet in the sand, of their kid doing something cute. Then I feel like I’m participating in some small way in their daily life. And this is an example of what’s great about the internet — its ability to bring us meaningful interaction over large distances.

/ End impromptu social media speech.

Anyway, this week has been much more tame than last, which is good because I needed it. I was on evening rotation all this week so I only had my mornings off to get things done. Tuesday I did some baking and produced some lovely banana-bran muffins, Wednesday I had a delightful lunch with Joe at Proper Pie, and Thursday I took a walk to Sub Rosa to pick up some bread and enjoy the beautiful weather. Then Dan and I went to our first Centering Pregnancy session, which is a group thing you can do instead of your regular appointments. You’re with a group of people who are due around the same time you are, and you just get together and weigh yourselves, take your blood pressure, listen to the baby’s heartbeat, etc. and learn some things about babies and birth. The main draw for me is that it’s at a specific time and it lasts for exactly two hours, so no more trips to the hospital having no idea how long it’s going to take to get out of there.

This particular session I had to do a glucose test which just means you drink what seems like syrupy orange soda, then after an hour, get some blood drawn. This test is a perfect example of something that people make a HUGE deal about and that isn’t really a big deal at all. As with lots of pregnancy things, there are so many horror stories about the dreaded sugary drink and not being able to keep it down, etc. Seriously? My favorite summertime treat as a kid was a Chilli Willi, a certain brand of freezer pop that my mom used to buy. And I also loved Orange Slice. This sugary drink is just a brief revisit of childhood. It’s the dregs of every snow cone you ever had at elementary school football games. You grew up in America and now you’re all “grown up” and you can’t choke down one tiny syrupy drink for your baby’s sake? That’s downright pitiful.

All that being said, it’s a test to make sure you can tolerate sugar and to see if you have gestational diabetes, which I may very well have. I have not received a call informing me as such, though.

Friday Lianna and I walked to work. It was beautiful outside and our 2.5-mile hike was pleasant and crisp and fantastic exercise. Then of course the ONE DAY I didn’t drive to work, I get a call from the hospital saying they forgot to give me some shot I needed the day before, and that I really really needed to come in ASAP to have it administered. So after the usual Friday meetings I had someone take me home so I could get my car and roll back over there and get the shot. It didn’t take long, and the women who gave me the shot were very preoccupied with my hair and whether or not it was all “my” hair (read: not a weave). Once and for all, for all of you who are apparently wondering (judging by how often I get asked about it by strangers), yes, it is all my real hair. Blessing or misfortune? You decide. 99% of the time I say it’s a blessing. Lots of people would kill for luxurious locks etc. etc., and I know I take them for granted. But on those days when my hair is just so thick it cannot manage to get itself into a ponytail holder without breaking it, or it’s so heavy on my head that it’s pulling in one direction and giving me a killer headache, that’s when I call it a misfortune.

Anyway. I digress. Friday night we tried this new Indian restaurant called Lemon, and it was delicious. Food was super flavorful, we both had seafood that wasn’t overcooked, and the service was attentive. I highly recommend the crab curry. It also wasn’t crowded, which I always consider a huge plus. Then we went and saw Oz: the Great and Powerful at Movieland, which was pretty good. We both liked it but thought maybe James Franco was mis-cast. I’m trying to be diligent about recording my movie impressions in Letterboxd, so you can read my review there.

Yesterday I worked, then made some raspberry bars, hung out with Mom for a bit when she stopped by to drop off an adorable framed poster of Dick and Jane for the nursery, and finally headed to Kathy’s birthday party. Sitting around, lots of laugher again, lots of coconut cake again, and just relaxation. I’ve been getting tired a little earlier the past few days, so I left relatively early and (uncharacteristically) didn’t even wake up when Dan came in. Maybe soon I’ll start sleeping through Sophie’s early-morning “feed me” screeching regimen? Don’t count on it.

Today I made blueberry pancakes and hash browns for breakfast, did all the household chores including laundry, and went to church and watched the babies in the nursery. There was one very fussy little gentleman who was inconsolable and wouldn’t be put down the entire time, so after church when it was time for the annual church banquet I was already pretty tired. Ate some food and introduced myself to new friends though, and had a nice time. Then came home and hung out with Kathryn for a bit when she came by to pick up some things she left over here. And we saw an enormous raccoon running down the street while we were putting things into her car. Welcome back to the city, Kathryn.

The chores are done earlier than their Monday due date and Dan will be very preoccupied with band stuff this week, so I’m really hoping I have a couple of evenings of reading or going on walks and just enjoying some quiet in my future. !!! #thingsintrovertssay


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