honor role.

Last week was full of cooking, phone meetings, preparing for travel, and snow that didn’t stick. Dan was in New Hampshire for work, so it was sad to be apart all week but it allowed me to focus on getting things done around the house so I could go to New York. Wednesday was pretty wild; horizontal snow hammered the landscape starting in the morning and quickly accumulated. Jim and I tried to wrap up our meetings and head home, but then of course once we finally vacated the office, the snow had turned to rain and was beginning to wash away all the white. Conditions were okay by the morning, so Lianna, Mathieu and I flew to New York and headed into the office.

button button who’s got the button

For lunch Lianna and I went to Almond with Megan, and it was really nice to catch up and just have some girl chats. That evening after work they were having another beer pong tournament, so we hung around, met some people from Knewton, and enjoyed pizza. Lianna and Mathieu lost their match respectably enough, and then we went back to the King & Grove Hotel and hung out at the bar for a little while before bed. My room was nice — small but very clean and comfortable, and with a decent street-facing view. I was awoken by a text from Lianna a while later, declaring “I FOUND BI BIM BAP” (one of our favorite foods), so she brought some to my room and we sat on my bed and ate it and laughed. New York! Bi bim bap in the middle of the night! Accessibility!

typical Thursday night at Tumblr HQ.

It was also pretty magical when I woke up Friday morning and watched the snow fall out onto the streets, people, and taxis below. There is nothing like New York in the snow. Totally worth the miserable, bootless, gloveless, and slushy walk to the office.

snowy NY.

After work we ditched our laptops at the hotel and headed to Obscura Antiques (of Oddities fame on the Science Channel) to see if we could find something for my curiosity cabinet. It was certainly neat to see so much goodness stuffed into such a tiny little shop. Just a totally different ballgame from the antiques warehouses I’m used to conquering. My entire collection amassed over the past decade cost about as much as one or two items from Obscura, so it was interesting to compare what I have to what was available and how much they were charging for it. Overall though there were a lot of things like taxidermy and skulls that I either have enough of or am not interested in. What’s really cool about Obscura is the completeness of some of the items. I could look around in musty bins all day and find a couple of old medicine bottles, but at Obscura you can get an entire medical case, in tact, with every one of its little bottles snug inside. It’ll cost you, but it’s available.

skulls a-go-go at Obscura.

Next we met up with Ira and his friend Nicole and had dinner at Marlow & Sons, one of my favorite restaurants and yet one that I hadn’t been to in like 5 years. I remember it being really decadent, with good wine, creamy cheese, fancy sausages, and each bite full of flavor. Everything was indeed delicious, and during dinner Ira regaled us with wild stories about New York living situations and Nicole recommended more good places to eat and things to do.

dinner buds.



After this we went to the Gutter, where we met up with some folks from work as well as (briefly) Ryan, and then I watched Daron play a show in the back room. Jaime was super happy to see me, and I feel like it had been forever! We heckled Daron from the crowd and I got heckled back for being pregnant. I think this was also the first time that I’ve gotten random belly rubs, so I must be looking quite pregnant.

El Sportivo.

In the morning we groggily left our beautiful hotel only to be greeted with a flight delay at Newark and a pigeon roaming around our gate area, but I think we were just all really thankful to be home when we finally arrived at RIC and trudged out to my car.

Lobby at the King & Grove.

Kathryn was staying at our house and I smiled when I saw her coat as I walked in the door, and I greeted my cat, and I walked out into the 70-degree sunshine to find Dan and Zach out on the back deck having a beer and getting ready to clear all of Dan’s music equipment out of the baby’s closet. I felt immediately at ease. I met up with Kathryn at Lamplighter and we sat outside with Joe F. and Alex D., and we lingered long after they were gone because it was just so ridiculously nice outside. Then we checked out a new antique store on Cary called Beck Estates Consignment, where I was interested in an old postal scale and she was interested in an old wallpaper swatch book but neither of us made any purchases.

On Sunday we met up with Talia and some others at WPA and took over the front corner with our pastries for a while, before walking over to Ardent Craft Ales to see what Dan and the guys were up to.

photo of us at Ardent by Kathryn.

Then Meg and Pete picked me up and we went to Mom and Dad’s for lunch, and hung around for a while drinking coffee and talking. Back at home, Dan, Kathryn, and I spent forever trying to figure out what to eat for dinner and eventually settled on pizza at Sette, where I had an awesome salad that I need to remember to order again. Then we curled up and watched Skyfall, which I can compliment by saying it didn’t bum me out as much as previous Bond movies. Also, RALPH FIENNES!

Today I ran errands, did chores and laundry, and was super excited that Kathryn nailed her job interview and got the job and will be moving back to RVA! And then I worked evening rotation. Okay, I’m done for now.


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