back to life, back to reality.

Here’s a picture of those blue jars I mentioned last week, looking pretty legit on our kitchen counter.

The blue jars have replaced the Ikea jars.

Last week I was on evening rotation and it was a very, very long week. Thursday was particularly insane; it ought to have been my comp day but I ended up working from 8:30am – 11:30pm instead. And you know it was totally necessary because I’m one of those people who values an appropriate balance, rather than one of those people who equates martyrdom for work with “success.” Anyway though, it was a long week. Enough said about that.

Friday after work I prepared a delicious dinner of bruschetta, kale, and eggs over flax toast, with Yves sausage and seeded braid from Sub Rosa…along with carrot cakey cookies. The disappointing part was that our dinner guests didn’t show. The great part was that Lianna came over instead and enjoyed some cookies and sour beer with us. Evening salvaged! I was pretty proud of the cookies and they will likely be made again since Dan loved them.

carrot cakey cookies.

Saturday I ran a bunch of errands, then came home and made ziti with marinara and shrimp. Mom and Dad came over for dinner and we had a nice time listening to oldies, and everyone drank beer. I showed off my home-brewed root beer as well. Later, Dan and I went to Shy, Low‘s record release show at the Camel. Despite being generally resentful of going out so late, the show was fantastic and Shy, Low remains one of my favorite bands in town right now.

Sunday the exhaustion kind of caught up with me and I lay in bed until 11am. Yep. But then I got up and did every chore on the chore list, and decided I wanted to go outside and do some adventuring. So when Dan got back from Ardent, we took a long walk around Maymont (we even got to see the bears for a change!), and then sat on a bench for a while and enjoyed the scenery. The weather was gorgeous and lots of families were there so it was relatively crowded for Maymont, but every single person seemed to be in such good spirits. I feel like that’s always the way it is in Richmond — people hibernate all winter and then the first false day of spring, everyone floods out onto the streets. After some errands, we had dinner at Belmont Food Shop. My roasted scallops were amazing, as was Dan’s monkfish. Finally we went to Movieland to see the movie Warm Bodies, which was a little silly but also quite amusing. So, Sunday was an awesome day. We packed a lot of activity into one afternoon / evening, and kind of made up for a long workweek. So relaxing and so nice to spend a bunch of time with Dan. I wish it could have lasted longer.

Sophie would like for you to know that she is beautiful. That is all.

Sophie kitty.


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