winter lights.

Highlights of the past week:

  • Having Jordan over, who’s living in Richmond again, for a nice long catch-up and a trip to WPA Bakery.
  • A date night at Cinebistro, which we hadn’t been to before. It’s a fancy movie theater that serves dinner in the theater. Very comfortable, great food, but pricey. Also way out in the suburbs, so we probably won’t go there much, but it was nice for a change of pace and a relaxing date. We saw Silver Linings Playbook, which was amusing.
  • We’re all caught up with Downton Abbey
  • Lunch with Kim at Garnett’s. Enjoyed my favorite tuna salad niçoise.
  • An Indian feast at the Klings’ place, featuring several amazing dishes that Lara got from a cookbook and bought a bunch of spices especially for. Seriously, one of the best Indian meals I’ve ever had.

In baby news, I’m continuing to feel great and seizing the moment to organize the house. I consolidated some things in the hall closet so that pretty much the entire huge bottom shelf (and all the floorspace) can be baby gear territory. When replying to an email from Mia, I listed all our storage that will be available to receive baby stuff: entire nursery closet, armoire, drawers in the changing table, bathroom bookcase / bins, bathroom vanity cupboards, and now the extra space in the hall closet. So I think we should be okay, right? Right? At least for a little while until our baby is a proper American and can learn to accumulate more stuff than any human should ever need.

In order to clean out the nursery closet (which is full of Dan’s music gear), we need to make space in the attic. Dan is in the attic right now with Billy, putting down some makeshift flooring so that we can get some bins up there in an orderly fashion, kind of using this for inspiration:


Also, we’re all signed up for a childbirth class in April. IT’S ALL HAPPENING! …

I also started reading Bringing Up Bebe, per Susan’s recommendation. So far it’s the best thing I’ve read, in terms of seeming logical and making sense naturally to me. It’s like the anti-trendy book about childrearing. Just common sense stuff that I think gets lost in the noise of whatever the latest fad is that’s being talked about at parties, etc. Hopefully some of it will help us. Better than doing no research at all, at least!


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