a conversation with girls.

Here’s a conversation with the little girl I tutor and her friend, who are both fourth graders.

Harmony: Why don’t you take your coat off? I want to see your dress.
Tess: Why do you need to see my dress in order to get your homework done?
H: Because it’s NOT FAIR! … [flings my cape-like coat open and gasps] Oh my…..when did it get like this?
T: Haha, you haven’t seen my belly in a while. It’s been growing the whole time.
H: Jasmine, look!
Jasmine: Oh my God! Who’s your boyfriend?
T: I know it’s unorthodox, but I have a husband. His name is Dan.
H: HAY EVERYBODY, look at her belly! How come I didn’t notice this last week?
T: I wasn’t here last week.
H: Why didn’t you come last week?
T: I had to work.
H: You shouldn’t have to work while you’re pregnant. Your husband should take care of it.
T: Well that’s just not how it works in my family. We all have to work. And by the way I think your mom works very hard whether she’s pregnant or not to take care of your family.
H: No she does not! [pauses] Why do you always wear your coat?
T: It’s cold outside and when I get here I just leave my coat on.
H: You WALK here? You shouldn’t do that while you’re pregnant.
T: I live 3 blocks away and it would be silly not to walk. You walk here every week.
H: Yeah but your husband needs to get you a car or something.
T: [sigh]
H: Is that your wedding ring? Which one is your wedding ring and which one is your engagement ring?
T: This one is my engagement ring.
H: My mom has a big diamond ring, except it’s so big when she lifts up her hand it falls over like this. [shows me]
T: That sounds wonderful. Now can you get your book out please so we can read?

In other news, look what Lianna bought for our baby!

bath set for baby.

Also Matt and Jenny had their little girl early this morning, and she is adorable. My daughter has a playmate her age already!


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