wintry mix tape.

The snowiness is gone now, though I wish it would continue…

I’ve been feeling contrasting waves of introversion and wanting to go out and be social, so recent photos reflect that. Last Saturday I went to a childcare training for the church nursery, then Dan and I ran a zillion errands and had Dave and Kristin over for drinks and fancy cheese. Sunday night we had dinner at Mom and Dad’s where mom shared some of her homemade granola with us, which I tried to replicate in my kitchen this week and was pretty successful with. We’ve had some quiet nights at home lately, and this week when I was on evening rotation I spent my mornings and early afternoons organizing drawers in the house and just trying to get rid of all the chaos and clutter. We’ve also had a very long week at work, so it was nice to go out with colleagues on Wednesday and hang out at Hardywood for a while. Friday night we went to Langdon‘s opening and saw some of her amazing recent work, and then headed to Mekong and Ipanema for Lianna’s birthday festivities. I shockingly stayed out almost until last call. Except it was because of getting carried away talking, rather than getting carried away drinking. But that’s okay, I’ll take it.

granola time.

Dan and Sophie chilling out.

Break time with workfriends.

Thursday morning we had our second ultrasound, which was of course very exciting. I again couldn’t tell if the tears in my eyes were from getting to see our baby or from getting to use such an awesome technology. Either way I’m like “It’s beautiful!” We thought we were just going to get confirmation that it was a boy since the doctor thought it was a boy during the first ultrasound, but instead we were surprised to hear that it’s a girl! Doesn’t matter to me as long as it’s adorable. But I confess I’m excited to meet tiny-me and to continue outnumbering Dan in this household (now 3 ladies to 1 gentleman). Everything looks healthy apparently, which is always good to hear. She was 21 weeks that day, and she weighed 1 pound.


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