pram domination is ours.

We went up to the D.C. area last weekend to pick up a used Silver Cross pram! Though in person it was actually navy rather than the black that the eBay listing promised, that allowed us to knock even more off the price and we ended up getting a killer deal on it. It is absolutely outrageous: huge, unwieldy, and downright beautiful. Life is short, and who knows when we’ll have another chance to parade a baby around town in a ridiculous contraption such as this? I’m glad we got it. And (for now at least) we are done navigating the bizarre world of stroller pros and cons, thank goodness.

I went to Silent Music Revival alone and really enjoyed myself. It’s just a nice, relaxing way to spend a Sunday evening. This time the films were bizarre and interesting, and the music was perfectly suited as background accompaniment. I’m really glad they’re getting SMR back up and running, as it’s still one of my favorite things to do in Richmond.

We tried a couple of new restaurants last week. Tio Pablo had horrible service, but delicious food. I was just dying for tacos, and the unabashed spiciness there really hit the spot. Would love to go back, but maybe when it’s not so crowded and definitely when I’m not in any kind of a hurry. Dutch & Co. will easily become a new neighborhood staple for us, with incredible food and good drinks just a few blocks away. It’s also just the type of place that’s warm and welcoming to hang out in, with no insanely-bright lights and no blaring music. It’s comfortable, friendly, and serves stroopwafel. I approve.

Yesterday I had a nice, unexpected comp day, when I had been working for an hour and then realized I was supposed to be off. I formed grand plans of putting my feet up and reading the entire day, with breaks to work on our puzzle. But I ended up cleaning, doing laundry, organizing a cabinet that I’ve been avoiding organizing for a year, homebrewing some root beer, and making salmon wellington for dinner. So, there goes the relaxing day that might have been. But it felt good to get those things done, and I guess I might as well do them while I have the energy.

Two nights ago while watching Downton Abbey, I felt the baby move for the first time. It was a little flutter, at the bottom of my belly. I was like “Whoa pause it! I think I just felt the baby move!” Kudos to the kid for making its presence known during the episode where Mary’s singing and Matthew walks in and it’s all dramatic. I had tears in my eyes.

Last night I felt it again, just as we were going to sleep. This time it happened several times during a few minutes. Dan tried to put his hand on my belly and feel it, but I think it’s just too subtle this early on. It’s definitely neat to feel it, although a little unsettling in that Aliens sort of way.

It’s been snowy here! It snowed at the end of last week, and I drove home happily through the white, silent streets from Acacia after hanging out with NYers for dinner. And again I woke up yesterday morning and there was a dusting of snow on the ground. And it’s supposed to snow today too. Frequent snow (even though it’s just a little bit at a time) is pretty unheard of around here, so I’ve really been enjoying it. Everything is just so quiet and clean and beautiful when it’s snowy out. Plus it’s a reward for putting up with this icy, windy, garbage weather.


3 thoughts on “pram domination is ours.

  1. Oh, Tess! That pram could not be more perfect for you two. Wow!! And I like your perspective on the snow, a nice reward for the dark cold days.

  2. p.s. I’m sorry I missed that SMR! Maya Deren is one of my favorites and Meshes in the Afternoon is sooo beautiful. I hope to make it to the next event, whenever it may be (?)…

  3. Thank you! We love the pram too. 🙂 Yes, SMR was great and besides the general creepiness and aesthetics of the film, I loved her personal style. That classic 40s beauty, but with that wild hair! Loved it.

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